Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A day for ebaying

okay, it was pretty dull outside today so decided to go through and sort out some of my stash. Did some organising of my papers which took me ages as I looked at some of my faves drooling over them and stroking them. Not sure why paper makes me do this but I just love it! Found some decoupage sheets from one of the kits I had a few years ago, 3d decoupage is not really my thing so set those aside to sell. Next on the hit list were my vast collection of wooden stamps, some of which are beautiful anna griffin ones which I just adore and will never ever get rid of. There were some 'mary hughes' ones that I hadn't used at all, they were mainly religous phrases and lots of floral images, not for me so they went to one side as well. Continued looking through my things, getting side tracked all the time and put some more things to one side. I then set about taking piccies of them and posting on Ebay in the hope that someone out there will like them and want to put them to good use. Thought I was quite good with the digital camera but it is really quite tricky trying to do justice to your goodies. Oh well they are all up there now for all to see, all I can do is constantly, and I will be, checking my Ebay to see how many if any buyers have put me into their watch lists, oh the excitement!


  1. I must admit I love to see how many people are watching my auction. I get a big kick out of it.

  2. Wow my first comment on my blog, thank you! As you can see I am very new to all this and really appreciate your input ;o) Love your blog and it gives me inspiration to carry on with mine, thanks!


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