Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cath Kidston Factory Shop now open

Cath Kidston Store Front
And it's in my part of the world for a change!  CK moved their warehouse operation recently and there were rumours that there would be a mini outlet type shop a while ago and I had begun to think the idea had been shelved then I saw this link today on their website

For any of you Cambridgeshire based bloggers out there the shop is open 7 days a week and I for one will be popping down this weekend to have a looky.  I promise to report back on what it's like, prices, and hopefully a few sneeky piccies.

They are also opening a normal store in the city of Cambridge near the Market Square but no dates for that one yet.  Oh I just can't cope with all this excitement! LOL.

Thanks for popping by. x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Your Home Goes To .................

The lovely Scented Sweetpeas!

Email me your details and I'll send it on it's way to you :o)

Any of you catch up with Kirsty last night?  Got her sky+d and it's raining here which in my world equals crafty programmes whilst flopped on the sofa! xx

Monday, 1 November 2010

It's Back - Kirstie's Homemade Home

Kirstie Allsopp
 If like me you really enjoyed her first series last year you then you simply must put this date in your tv planner - TUESDAY 2ND NOVEMBER, 8PM CHANNEL 4!

"Kirstie Allsopp returns for a brand new series, but now she's helping to transform other people's homes beginning with Shaun and Gemma Ward from Wolverhampton. "

A Linen Lovers Dream
Yep she is back on telly and this time she is helping the public transform their homes, I for one cannot wait.  This is what I love about autumn, cozy nights on the sofa with crafty TV programmes, heaven.  Although the OH would say it is his idea of hell LOL!