Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Shabby Chic Cafe - my first swap, yay!

The lovely ladies over at Shabby Chic Cafe have been so nice and welcoming to me this week. It is a really nice place to pop over to. And guess what, I'm in the September/October swap, how excited am I!

I am paired up with the lovely Kirsty over at Vintage and Cosy and am really looking forward to putting something together for her. Shall be popping over there later to hunt for some clues.

Have a lovely evening all xx

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cath Kidston 'Sew!' is on it's way in 9 days!!

Just checking through my emails and look what was in my inbox from Amazon!

Dear Customer
Greetings from

We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on July 10 2009.

The items listed below will actually be despatched sooner than we had originally expected based on the new release date:

Cath Kidston Sew!
Previous estimated arrival date: October 20 2009 - October 22 2009
New estimated arrival date: October 8 2009

I am sooooo excited!!! xx

Ikea - Save the Children book scheme with free gift voucher

Ikea have linked up with Save the Children to create a book donation scheme.

Save the Children book donation
Our BILLY bookcase is 30 years old! To celebrate we've joined together with Save the Children to create a book donation scheme raising funds for children around the world.

Donate a minimum of 5 books to Save the Children and we will reward you with a £5 Gift Card.

Offer valid from 28 September to 11 October 2009.

It is one voucher per person no matter how many books you take in.

So if any of you were planning a trip there this would be a great time to go. xx

Monday, 28 September 2009

Corsage - 2nd attempt, now that's more like it!

I really wasn't happy with the look of my first one, that I posted about yesterday. It looked more like a giant rosette to me!

See what I mean! So back to the drawing board I went and redid another one in my test fabric.

I think it is much better than the first one don't you think? Basically just made the strips narrower and my stitches smaller, simples, as the Meerkats say :o)

Also just found out from my sister that I have 2 fairs to do at her school this Nov/Dec so better get making loads of these. Going to use the check/gingham fabric from this post as it is very Christmasy.

Thanks for popping by. xx

Corsage - first attempt

Finally I have got around to having a go at making one of these corsages. I know I know bit behind the times aren't I. All you lovely bloggers out there have been knocking out gorgeous ones for ages!

I've used an old sheet for my first one, couldn't bear to ruin any of my good stash, oh no! Found it hard sewing on the button, how do you make the needle find the darn holes from underneath.

The felt circles were cut using my Quickutz Revolution and Spellbinder dies, no drawing round lids and trying to cut with scissors! Am gonna have to try some of my other die shapes now. xx

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Boot Sale Sunday

Mmmm lovely sunny day on a Sunday can only mean one thing, a trip to a bootsale, yay!! The last two I have been to were ones that I was selling at so was really looking forward to a mooch around today.

First up is this!! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it and nor the price, £2.70!!

I've recently had a wall put back between my lounge and hallway. Took it down a few years ago and didn't like it!! That'll teach me, darn those house programmes. Now my hallway is back I've been wanting a console table to put a lamp on. Didn't think I'd get anything but then I spied this under some linens. Bought it for £3.50.

Lastly a collection of wooden frames and ribbons all for £3.00. Am planning to use the two smaller ones for signs around the house.

So that was my day today, hope you all had a good one. Thanks for popping by. xx

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Check Mate!

Bootsale fabric on the washing line on a lovely sunny Autumn day, just makes me smile!

My mum and I did a car boot last weekend and the car opposite us had this kingsize bedding set for £3.00. Yep I ran on over there and snapped it up, just love checks and the red and cream is so very country don't you think.

This is not for my bed but destined for my sewing stash. Am seeing Christmas when I look at it, which is not good I know as it is still, after all, only September!


Friday, 25 September 2009

Crocheted Bunting - do I or don't I?

Like it that is!

I do love bunting but normally go for the fabric kind. Anyway whilst away in Spain there was plenty of time to crochet due to copious amounts of rain. luckily for me, but much to my BFs horror I had decided to bring some supplies with me :o) I started off doing hearts but didn't always like how they turned out.

So instead of decreasing on my next heart I just carried on crocheting until I had a flag size that I liked. That was it, I was off, so quick and easy to do, knocked out 11 of them while away.

Now the question is what do I join them together with. Should I join them by crocheting or stitch with fabric? I think fabric would be the right option to make them hang properly. What do you think? And do you like crochet bunting anyway? Am thinking I might add fabric shapes onto some of the flags and maybe some beads on the bottom. Still not sure yet, hmmm. xx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thank you Vikki - the scones are great

Now you may remember my disastrous attempt at making scones using Mrs Beetons recipe posted here. They really were awful and almost like biscuits!

Well the lovely Vikki was kind enough to give me some advice on how to make them come out better and hey presto they did!

They were really yummy and the BF and I ate 4 in one go!!

Thanks Vikki! xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Holiday Snaps

Morning bloggers! It's lovely and sunny here in Lolo land, we are being so lucky with the weather aren't we. Boy it's gonna be such a shock when the real autumn weather kicks in! Anyways I digress, when I am meant to be showing you some holiday snaps of my recent, very wet, trip to Murcia in Spain.

I'll start off with our friends bar, The Pirate Bar, Playa Flamenca. They opened it 5 weeks ago and we went over to give them some support and see it in action.

They did all the interior out themselves. It is a rock music bar with live bands every Friday and Saturday night. The complex has lots of other bars/restaurants so competition is tough but they have the advantage of a very good position with views right out across the sea.

I even managed to get behind the bar and pull a pint! Except that it was more like a glass of froth :o)
Next we have this beautiful place we found in San Miguel for a meal one night aptly named the Castillo de Conesa. It doesn't have an extensive menu but the food was very good as was the service.
Outside of the restaurant the views are lovely. This is a manmade lake and there were swans, ducks, geese, and a dulux dog milling around.

Whilst sat drinking our coffee later these 4 little furry things came up to see us, so I took a piccie.....................what is with the eyes on the ginger one!!!!

On a brief trip out in between thunder showers down the front we stopped at a lovely icecream parlour where they make up characters for you, how cute!

This beautiful square is in the main town of Torrevieja which runs down to the sea front and the marina.

On our last morning there having breakfast by the sea and just look at that sky. What do they call it .... Sods Law I think :o)

Despite the weather it was a lovely break and great to catch up with our friends. Now I am just getting back into the swing of things over here, it always takes me a while! xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gift Wrapped

Well it seems like ages since I posted anything pretty on my site for you to look at. You may remember back in August it was my mums birthday and I posted up the cards that I made for her. Well I have just been going through my camera pics, inititally to sort out my holiday snaps and found piccies of the presents I wrapped for her.

I was going for the 'expensive' look on the cheap! The wrapping paper was from a little card shop in town and cost just 5p a sheet! Needless to say I bought loads!

I love these bright pink flowers. They were part of a cheap 99p fake flower bouquet from Wilkinsons. I just take the flower heads off and delayer them ready to use for embellishments.

I've had this ribbon for like ages, I originally bought it 5 years ago from the B&Q xmas decoration range. It is a damask ribbon with wired edges so really good for moulding bows. I was a bit hesitant about cutting into it at first, but then I just went for it, I can't keep keeping stuff forever just to look at and stroke :o)

The boxes were repurposed from deliveries I'd had and I lined the inside of them with pleated tissue paper. Gift tag was hand stamped with anna griffin pink ink.

I must say I rather like this 'posh wrap' lark and at about 50p a go it's pretty thrifty too!

Monday, 21 September 2009

It's been a while

Been away in Spain for a week and am now back, no tan though as it rained/thundered the whole time we were there ;o(.

No posts for such a long time, what must you all think ;o) I have a few things to post up just need to get the piccies sorted, not quite into the routine of things yet!

Been having a catchup around your blogs and loving reading all the things you've been up to.

Do pop back tomorrow where I promise you there will be something to read and some piccies ;o)


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

We have a winner!

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all of you who took the time to enter, I loved reading through your comments and discovering new blogs to look around.

Now for the important bit................................................................... and it's congratulations to

Whoop, whoop!

If you email me your details I'll be able to pop it all into the post for you. xx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

THIS IS NOW CLOSED - Blog Candy Giveaway - a little thank you for my 4000 hits


This post will remain at the top until 6th September. Please scroll down for new posts.

A few little goodies to say thank you to everyone who pops by my blog. I love reading all your comments and really appreciate them.

I've gone all red, green and gold, must be due to xmas getting nearer! There's a cute notebook and sparkly pen, ribbons, wool, embroidery thread, buttons, 2 albums, brag book, blank coaster book, papers, stickers, beads, sequins, Anna Griffin small needlework holder, china rose, K&Co gift bag, brooch, tealight and Loccitane soap!

To enter is simple,
  1. just leave me a comment on this post and put a link with piccie on your blog.
  2. If you are a follower or become one you'll go in the hat twice.
UPDATE: Oops forgot to put deadline in............doh! Closing date for entries is midnight Sunday 6th September. xx

That's it! Good luck everyone xx

Friday, 4 September 2009

Make do and mend - John Lewis

Just read this over at the Women's Room and found out my local JL is participating! They are running classes for just the cost of materials used and they last 2 hours. It's not rocket science for us crafters what they are teaching but I always love to see others take on how to do things. And I definitely want the leaflet at £3.00.

John Lewis believe there is an increased interest in maintaining and making things and sales in its haberdashery departments are up a reported 17% this year. The little booklet, which costs £3.00, is full of useful tips on how to mend tights, make your own curtains and take up hems and is for sale in the habidashery department of most branches. A few John Lewis branches are offering Make Do and Mend classes this September, where you can brush up on your sewing skills, or even learn them for the first time. Classes are free, but you need to book and pay for materiels used. It's time we upgraded our sewing boxes.....

You should pop on over to John Lewis to see if your local one is running them.

The booklet is out from Monday 7th Sept, check stores for availability. xx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Handbags at dawn!

LOL! Couldn't resist the title ;o)

Well have been a bit lapse lately in posting anything for my visitors to read so rectify that I must!

My recent addiction to 'chuck out the clutter' resulted in a stash of pretty bags I had forgotten I had! Now that I have rediscovered them I shall be displaying them on shaker pegs in my bedroom and craft room. But for now I dutifully lined them up to have their mug shots taken and this was the result.

My two most used bags by myself and my sister. Sort of rounded and very squidgy. The black one on the right is extremely versatile, it's like a mini tardis and just makes the most delightful noise when you shake it. Not sure where it came from but the lovely neutral one on the left was from TK Maxx.

Hmm, seem to have a colour them going on here! This upright trio are my least used bags, mainly due to the shape which I find awkward to get at things. However they are perfect decoration pieces. The chocolate one on the left was from one of my fave stores Coast.

Colour, colour, colour! This is a very glamorous across body bag by Monsoon. I love this in the winter with a knitted dress, thick tights and boots, it brightens up the day.

Would you just look at all that bead and sequin work!

These two are from Bay Trading of all places. They are very 'jangly'.

Now for the classic section! Here they all are, neatly sitting there just waiting to be taken to a smart dinner or cocktail evening. You can't go wrong with a clutch. I love the jewell encrusted ones in the middle row, my newest purchase from Next last year, I just adore them.

Change anyone! Giant clasps, timeless, like carrying an oversized coin purse. I love that reassuring loud 'snap' when you close this bag. It is so well made and really twinkles. Purchased from good old John Lewis, they always have great bag sections in the stores.

So there you have it, my evening bag collection. After seeing them all together like this I realise I need to get some colour in my life!! xx