Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Magical Xmas Decs!

Took a trip to my local garden centre with my mum for our annual look at all their lovely decorations. They really do have the best and such a large selection. Here's a few pics of some of their displays.
This was in part of their kiddies section

I just loved these jack in the box type decorations, such fun!

Beautiful winter wonderland setting
And this is a close up of part of the tree!
and even closer, look at the gorgeous little ice skate!

This stunning lady was £130!!!

and lastly a fairy who seems to be pondering about something.


Isn't she pretty!!

Did a shift at the charity store yesterday and look what I found to dress my Lolo in...............

The net skirt has no less than 8 layers in it, it completely stands up on its own!!!

The fur stole and rose brooch were stashed away in my drawer and were perfect to go with the skirt. Now if I were a tad younger I'd be out in this skirt with a funky top and some pretty boots ;o)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

If I could turn back time..........

well all at once on the many clocks in my house ;o) A few of them are intelligent enough to do this time adjustment automatically but most of them need help from a human being! Sadly that human being (me) is not overly bothered about helping them out! So in my house, for a while at least, there are many different time zones, some spring, some winter, some just plain wrong! Hey does this mean I get to time travel in my own house............................... ttfn

Thursday, 23 October 2008

My favourite Childhood book, ahh the memories...

Do you have a book from your childhood that stands out from all others with the lasting impression it made on you? For me it was "Little Women and Good Wives". I remember reading this book and the longing I had to be living in the world of "Jo" and her "sisters". It all seemed so warm and secure, images of them all chatting away whilst carrying out intricate embroidery around a warm log fire, the sound of a mantle clock ticking in the background and smells of baking wafting in from the kitchens. Oh how I wished to be there with them, sometimes it felt like I really was, but then I would awake in the mornings to find myself in my 60s family home my sister just across the room from me asleep in her bed. Now why the reminiscing you may ask? well I was in my local charity store today with my mum and we were looking for interesting cookery books to display on her new kitchen shelving when I spied some old leather bound books on the shelf above. I picked the nicest looking one up for a look and to my surprise it was a 1954 edition of you've guessed it "little women and good wives"!!

I squealed with delight and began to stroke the cover, flicking through the pages and breathing in the aroma that only old books have. Straight away I was back there with Jo and her sisters, aah the comfort that brings! Still smiling at my find I paid for the book and stowed it safely in my handbag, my mind filled with the anticipation of reading this at bedtime. I might even have to put on my most vintage nightwear in honour of Jo and her sisters! Childhood books and lasting impressions, what were yours?

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Don't you just love last minute orders.... not!

Had my day planned out yesterday, knew the things I needed to get done, whether they do or not is a bit hit and miss, but I had my plan and that was what counted! Doing quite well working my way down the list, a little bit sidetracked but not much. Then I get a text on my phone around lunchtime, go to investigate and it is from my darling sister, can I knock her up a 60th birthday card and matching gift bag, oh and by the way need it by this afternoon!! So there was my plan, well and truly out the window as they say! Anyway I did my sisterly duty (how could I not) and went into my craftroom and started looking for inspiration, no idea what colours/style she goes for so just went with what came to me and this was the result. Hope you like it, really hope the birthday girl likes it!!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Wow someone already has a copy of Sew Hip magazine!!

Was just catching up on some of my fave blogs and the lovely Lululollylegs had posted this article.... http://lululollylegs.blogspot.com/2008/10/hip-hip-hooray.html. I want my copy now!!

It's been a while...

Sorry bloggers, I've been very lapse lately, almost 2 weeks since last post, shocking!

Have been busy sorting out my new storage area for my growing collection of fabrics and also just started helping out at my local Cancer Research Charity Shop. The people at the shop are just lovely and make the best tea going, some of them have been working there for over 10 years as volunteers, see there are still caring people in this world. I must admit it is a bit of an eye opener working there, things you don't realise, people actually steel from the shop, they change price tags over (as if things aren't cheap enough already), and some seem to think the donation bags are for putting their household rubbish in!! That aside though it is a nice thing to be doing and most customers are lovely, it's great to see what they buy and find out what they are going to be doing with it. There is a very big downside to working there though................ and that is all the stuff I keep bringing home as I get to see it first hand before it hits the shop floor. The other ladies did warn me of the temptations and how their lofts are brimming over with "oh I'll get that it's soo cute I can make so and so with it.....". There is just no hope for me now ;o)
I was on another blog the other day and saw this book featured

There is also a new magazine for sewers hitting the stores end of October called Sew Hip and you can see it here , bit pricey at £6.00 an issue but will definitely buy first one to see what it is all about.


Saturday, 4 October 2008

Time flies..........

where does it all go I wonder, it simply disappears before you've realised it never to be seen again. It all started with a craft day on qvc on Tuesday, 17 hours of live shows, heaven. Like some obsessed woman I sat there in front of tv with computer on in my PJs excitedly watching for items that I just had to have! This I did non stop for 7 hours before realising I'd run out of milk and was still undressed! I looked at the rest of the planned shows and picked one that I wouldn't mind missing as my chance to go out and get supplies. (I did get dressed first, honest) There surely must be a cure for this affliction that I have ;o) But I love it, I just love to watch programmes about pretty papers, ribbon and embellishments dreaming of all the wonderful things I could make with it. I love to walk around stationers or any stationery dept in a store and just wonder at all the lovely paper, pens, files and the like.
When did this obsession with paper start? Well I know I have always written lists for everything (something I inherited from my father) and then when I got my first job as PA and found myself in charge of the stationery cupboard for the Directors I would order everything and stock up like there were going to be rations or something, and that was just plain old white and buff stationery!! I've always had more pens than is really necessary for one person and just how many notebooks does one really need? At least now I knock up my own pretty journals for a fraction of what I used to hand over for them and although they are not always perfect they are the best things ever that I have written in.
So to go back to my original title, paper makes time fly for me!! What makes time fly for you?