Monday, 31 October 2011

Charity Shop Finds

Since going back to work full time I don't get as much time as I used to for a mooch around the charity shops.  Last week though I managed to pop in to a couple on my lunchbreaks. 
This bowl was outside the local Cats Protection League, a favourite of mine having cats and all.  The colour goes perfectly with other bits in my lounge and I couldn't believe the sticker only said £1.  It might end up in my kitchen though once it is decorated as I can see it filled with fruit on the kitchen table.
The very next day I went into the British Heart Foundation and this jug, in almost the identical colour as the bowl, was perched high up on a shelf.  What's the chance of that happening!  Home it came with me for a mere £1.50.
See, they were made for each other.  I did enjoy my little lunchtime visits and will definitely do them again, even though it means scoffing my sarnie as I trot down the high street.  Not a pretty sight but it's all in a good cause lol!

Thanks for popping by.
Lolo xx

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Take Three Pumpkins

I managed to get some pumpkins yesterday from Lidl in the end as Tesco had sold out.  These were the last few that they had left, so glad I went out early.  Today I got out one of my tester pots and set about painting them.
I absolutely loved doing this and don't know why I haven't tried it before!  The shape of pumpkins have always appealed to me just not the colour.  It only took a short time to do and for these three I got through half a tester pot of Antique White emulsion paint.  Perfect little craft for an afternoon and doesn't cost the earth either.

The small one, which is technically a squash, received the glass glitter treatment.  The light has been really rubbish here today, grey is not the word, so found it difficult trying to capture the sparkle.  But boy does this stuff twinkle in the lights.  I purchased the glitter glass, which is basically miniscule shards of glass, ages ago and had almost forgotten about it.  I like it because it has a vintage silver look to it rather than the harsh grey silver of modern synthetic glitters.  As you can see though I clearly didn't put enough glue on, still first attempt and all that.
And this is with me holding a giant torch to see if I can get it to sparkle on camera, the things us bloggers do!  It sort of worked I think.
I have to say a big thank you to all the bloggers out there who posted about these and inspiring me to give it a try.  It's given me loads of ideas for next autumn but for now I am more than happy with these three little cuties around my home.  Thanks for popping by.

Lolo xx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Glittery Pumpkins

Courtesy of Twig and Thistle
Halloween is not big down my street on account of there not being that many families.  Consequently I don't dress the front of my house with the tradtional scary orange pumpkins.  But these, oh these would look so glam inside and could stay around for quite a while couldn't they?  Aren't they just gorgeous. 

Courtesy of Twig and Thistle
A mummy and a baby too cute!  That's it, I've made my mind up, it's silly o'clock in the morning and am heading off to the supermarket to get some pumpkins.  I have a craftroom full of glitter that I just get out and look at mostly so it's time it got put to good use.  Oh please let them have some nice ones there for me.

Courtesy of Maine Home
White ones are gorgeous too, seen a lot of these around blogland lately and I can see why, timeless.

Great idea as a door number outside in your front yard.  You could just stick plain old drawing pins in them, super cheap.  I don't know where this picture came from so apologies for not being able to put up a credit for it.

Wish me luck at the shops.  Promise to post some pictures of my attempts at any of the above, could be interesting to say the least!

Lolo xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Favourite Thing on a Friday

Well this Friday anyway!  Went back to work this week after some time off and for some reason it's taken me ages to get back in the swing of it, maybe it's the shorter days and really crap weather we had here yesterday.  Or maybe I'm just getting old, lol!  So not an inspiring post I'm afraid but sleep really is something that I love especially Friday nights, coz you know you've still got another lay in to follow.

You can guess where I'm off to now can't you.  Sweet dreams my friends.

Lolo xx

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Crafts for Christmas and Hobbycrafts - Tesco Voucher Deal

In a couple of weeks I am taking my mum to NEC Birmingham for some crafty retail therapy.  They are having three exhibitions at the same time, Crafts for Christmas, Hobbycraft and Art Materials Live!

Entry fee is £8.50 each for all three shows which isn't too bad but today I discovered that you can purchase tickets using your Tesco clubcard vouchers for an amazing £3.00 each.  Boy am I glad I hadn't already bought them.  Used my mum's vouchers, I always spend mine as soon as I get them, and in a few days time our bargain tickets will be winging their way to us.

Now I may be a little slow in catching up with these offers and you girls will already probably know of this great deal but in case there is anyone out there like me who didn't here is the link Tesco Exhibition Vouchers.


Not good, have just seen that there is a cake exhibition on at the same time.  You just know that I am gonna have to pop in and have a peek at all that clever cakeness and pretty decorations. 
How cute is that snowman.
Awww Bless them.
Okay, is it wrong that I now have my nose pressed to the screen trying to smell the chocolate!

Have to stop looking at cakes now before it all gets out of hand!

Lolo xx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Favourite Thing on a Friday

I've decided to join in with the lovely Mimi and Tilly's Favourite Thing on a Friday and today, this is what it is that I am loving.
Blue skies and sunshine and seeing my white umbrella blowing in the gentle breeze.  I know, it looks static there, but that's just down to my poor camera skills.  Waking up and looking out to this really does make my day and inspires me to do things.  So far today I've been climbing up a ladder and blitzing the top of my kitchen cupboards, a job I hate, a job I normally tend to ignore for far too long a period of time.  So you see, I need this view to keep on appearing, as god only knows what state my poor little home would be in if only clouds were to greet me each day!

To join in with the fun, just click on the button in my sidebar and see what we are all raving about today.

Lolo xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Limited Edition Yankee Candles

If you are already a fan of Yankee Candles like myself then you may already know about these but I just discovered them in my local department store at the weekend with my sister.  They smell divine and have the cutest labels on the front, much better their normal ones.
I think there are 4 Spoonful of Sugar scents, the one above is the most subtle and it does kind of sparkle too.  Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Sugar are also in the range.  Am particularly loving this style of jar too with the metal lid, which to me, will look much better when reused for storage of my bead necklaces in the bedroom.  Price wise were brilliant value, just under £10 for 22oz, which is around £7 less than normal.
Just discovered they do little baby ones too.  How cute is that.  They are on this website, but not so cheap, but they do offer free delivery which is something.  The department store I got mine from was Beales, they recently took over all the Westgate stores.  If you happen to have one of those anywhere near you but be worth popping in there.

Lolo xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

One good turn deserves another

Yesterday I kept my promise and helped the BF ferry his beloved motorbikes to the garage, you see he is trading up, to some new black shiny one.  He did tell me in great detail what the bike was etc etc but after a few minutes I glazed over as I understood none of it!  You know how it goes ladies, a bit like when we come home with our latest find for the home and gush about it to them knowing that after a nano second their interest will be lost!!

Anyway for my good deed I got to do a little bit of retail therapy, just a little bit mind, the poor fella can't cope with more than a couple of shops bless him.  So not long ago a store called The Range which I had always heard good things about from up North opened a branch up near us so of course I had to investigate for research purposes.

Well I'm telling ya, I love it.  Cross between Dunelms, Wilkinsons and Hobbycraft but better!  The doorstop above cost a whopping £2.99 and it's beautifully made.  The little building blocks which I've always loved and admired in another well known and pricier home interiors store (famous for flowery frocks in the 70s) were a mere snip at £3.99, I tell yee my little eyes were darting everywhere with glee.

They actually feel much nicer and better finished than the pricey ones.  Edges are all lovely and smooth.

Doorstop even comes with two painted wooded hearts which I'll probably hang somewhere else.

French inspired wall hook, yep a bargainlicious (is there such a word) £2.49, so I bagged two of them, it would have been rude not too wouldn't it?  Not exactly sure where I am going to hang them but that is not the point is it ladies.

Now I confess I did go to the said pricey home interiors store because I just love to window shop really, and also because they had 25% off of their paint and I use their Pale Twine alot in my house.  Don't worry I'm not going to show you a picture of a tin of paint, but I couldn't resist splashing out on their union jack doormat in duck egg colours.

Do you like?  It was £20 which I didn't think was too horrendous and does cheer me up everytime I see it, which is a good thing considering I'll be crossing over it every day!

So do you think that was a fair swap?
Lolo xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Gingerbread Family Wall Hanging

Been playing around with my polkadoodles cd again.  Isn't this gingerbread family just the cutest!  Everything is printed from the CD apart from the backing paper which was a freebie in Homemade magazine, you can probably see where I was too lazy to bother trimming off the label! 
Took a little bit of time cutting them all out but wasn't difficult then I just kinda sat there and chucked them all together till I was happy with the look and then glued them in place.
The little kiddie ones are the best don't you think.  Such happy little faces, bless them.  Close up my cutting out skills look a little hap hazard but hey ho, you don't really notice from a distance.

Have you started playing around with Christmas crafty stuff yet?  I'd love to hear about all your makes.  Am already counting down the days, only 74 Sleeps to go!!

Thanks for popping by.
Lolo xx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Christmas at Ikea

I know, we haven't even had Halloween yet but oh my, I am in love with some of the new Christmas goodies on the Ikea website!  Bang on trend and as usual at great prices.  Here are some of the items I am just gonna have to have!
Santa advent calendar - £8.99
Has 24 numbered draws that you can fill with treats
Pot Pouri in a bag - £2.99
Set of 8 hanging decorations - £1.79
Great for card toppers.
Adorable fabric mushrooms - £5.79
For anytime of year really.
12 paper gift bags - £1.99

99p for 40, yes 40 cute gift tags!
Those bottom ones again could be used anytime.
Red and white sisal 30m - £2.99

Assorted Xmas Stockings 43cm high - £2.99
 Christmas Fabric - £3.99 per metre

Okay I'm gonna have to stop now before this post goes on for miles!  Am off to check my diary for when I can whizz down there and pick up these goodies.

What do you think?  Are you loving them as much as me?  Have you already been and got some?  I've already got tons of ideas on what I am gonna do with just the fabric, let alone all the other goodies!

Thanks for popping by.

Lolo xx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Just Put Jam on It

Thought I'd share a quick card I made the other week using Sundae of Seasons CD by Polkadoodles.

Aren't these jam jars just the cutest!  Background paper is by K&Company and I used Anna Griffin's ribbon punch along the bottom and threaded some red gingham ribbon from my stash.  I can see these jam jars being used a lot and I love the fact you can size them to whatever your project requires.

Thanks for popping by.

Lolo xx

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunny Sunday Pottering

What a beautiful weekend!  Anything I could find to wash went into the washing machine, came out and onto the line in the glorious sunshine.  Call me daft but I loved it!
When I had my garden done back in July I lost my 1950s original clothes line and concrete posts so at the moment I have improvised by winding a line randomly from the fence posts at the bottom of the garden.  I'll make up my mind in the spring, do I stick with the line method or go for one of those wurly things?  Have to say it is the line that is doing it for me so far.
I pottered around with my camera, the jasmine plant has gone wild this year and is nearly obscuring my new birdhouse.
These need to be picked fairly soon, much better than last year's sorry little green ones.  Am not a great lover of eating apples straight but do love a good apple pie and custard.
For those of you who follow my blog,  this is the new patio area on the left. No more sinking chairs in the mud and the ugly green wheelie bin has now been replaced by a shiny new Outback barbie.  Which I might add has managed a few outings this week making the most of the unexpected balmy evenings. 
New luscious lawn = lots and lots of mowing, nobody warned me of this.  Does grass always grow this darn quickly.  My tatty old little lawn was quite happy if I trimmed it every 10 days or so, this little baby has me out there every 3 days!
And finally a nap in the sun, does life get any better.  Love my little Alfie, earlier this week he had to go to the vet hospital to have a damaged front tooth out, he did look funny.  All right as rain now, just a rather large hole in my purse!  Worth every penny though.

Hope you all enjoyed our unexpected return of summer.  Thanks for popping by.

Lolo xx