Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cat and Mouse

View from my lap as I'm typing this post!

How am I supposed to get my work done then! Do you think he knows it is a mouse ;o) xx

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some Charity Shop goodies

Want to see some recent finds? Of course you do, what a silly question! Grab a cuppa this could take a while!

Lets start with these two lamp bases, perfect for a makeover with some paint, just need to find lampshades for them. Not sure if I've got any room for them so they may end up on ebay once finished.

How about some fabric, there is loads! There are these gorgeous velvet curtains, perfect for making little evening bags and corsages. There's a lot of material in them and it's in very good condition.

And these stripey ones called out to me. I got a deckchair from freecycle the other day and thought I could recover the existing canvas with this. Not 100% sure yet, it may end up as something else!

Bought this little lot from the curtain making section in my local family run dept store. They had two boxes with a sign saying fill a bag for £1! I was on my knees rummaging within seconds ;o)

My mum has this range of material in her kitchen

This is the neutrals version

Have to have spots!

Oh and how cute is the little rocking chair! Needs a paint job but will be great for photographing crafty makes on.

Remember the Emma Bridgewater Aga from my earlier post here, well now I have the purse to match! It was brand new with the labels still on it! The person who gave this away quite clearly had no taste ;o)! I'm already using it and love it!

And finally some sewing apparell, there's some gorgeous old JP Coates and Sylko cotton reels loads of vintage hooks and poppers, and of course the obligatory buttons!

A reel mixture

Soo much better than plastic reels.

Some sparklies in there too!

Made in England

Gosh didn't realise how much stuff I'd bought till I uploaded it all here! I think blogging is great for keeping a record of all the things we thrift, as, if you are like me, half the time I forget about what I have stashed away!! Now I can just click the Thrift Tag and it is all revealed right before my very eyes!

Think I need a sit down now and a cuppa! Thanks for popping by. xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Quick Make - Calendar

Made a Coaster Calendar today using the lovely Angie's tutorial over at Chic'n'Scratch.

Really like how it turned out so am going to make quite a few for my Christmas Fayre in December, will make great teacher's gifts.

Used standard size coasters, the kind you normally find on the bar at pubs!

The papers on this one are from K&Company's Sweet Berry collection.

The calendar I made in Microsoft Word using one of their preloaded label templates and then just cut and stitched them together.

Hope you like it! Thanks for popping by xx

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc

Ooh just remembered got to change all of these tomorrow!

However we do gain an extra hour of this!

But it also means we get more of this!

Which always ends up with me doing more of this!

Hmm think the fat day clothes will be coming out of the closet soon!

Don't forget to put your clocks back girls!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Thinking of You Card

One of my OH's friends had some bad news the other day so we just wanted to let them know we were thinking of them.

  • Slim tall card (Craft Tonic range)
  • Papers (Anna Griffin)
  • Mat Mirri Card (my stash)
  • Sentiment - my PC
  • Silver Border Peel Off (Anita's Outline Stickers)
  • Pink Satin Ribbon (my stash)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

My sofas

After all the hoo ha going back to Ikea thought I'd show you the Ektorp sofas in situ. I've only photographed one for now, the other 3 seater is on the other wall and looks identical.

I also have the Bromma footstool in front of each one, which I like nothing better than to plonk my feet on when watching TV. They are also great storage for all my wools and needles.

The piccies aren't brilliant as lighting a bit poor when I took them, but you get the general idea. Just need to finish putting up picture frames and bit of painting then I'll reveal the whole room to you all.

Thanks for popping by. xx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Polka Dot Eye Candy!

Just seen what the lovely Emma Bridgewater has designed!

Isn't it gorgeous! Now if only I had a kitchen large enough to accommodate one! xx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Oh No! I've got to go back!

To here!

To return this!
And buy another one of these!
all because I can't use one of these!

It makes me want to do this!

Have spent the last couple of days chanting obscenities at myself for being so stupid!! xx

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

Am all excited tonight as tomorrow I get to drive one of these....

To go here............

And collect 1 of these.............
And 1 of these...........
Oh and am gonna eat loads of these..................

Did I tell you I am excited!!! xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

'Sew' has arrived at my home - woohoo!

It seems like an absolute age since I preordered this back in May but it is finally here, and boy was it worth the wait. A huge improvement on it's predecessor 'Make', oh yes this book rocks!!

Lets not waste time chatting I know you just want to have a peak :o)

The Cover, obviously!

Inside the cover you get this, lovely printed fabric...

to make your bag with.

The back of the book has full size templates, which I've already scanned into my puter!

There's also a full size pattern sheet. Make sure you trace each pattern onto to greaseproof paper so you don't mess up the original sheet.

Off course Stanley is in it!

Love this print and the tote.

She gives you instructions

and tips throughout.

Watch the birdies!!

Gorgeous appliqued quilt.

So there you have it ladies, bet you all want to order one now. If you do, go to Amazon as it is only £9.49 with free p&p at the moment! xx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Pretty purchases

Doing my weekly shop at Tesco I diverted to the home section for a browse and look what I spied! Isn't it gorgeous.

I couldn't just get one roll, oh no, I went for 7! But it only costs 95p a roll and there's 2 metres on each. Some of it is destined to cover my old cork placemats, the rest I will probably just keep to look it ;o)

When I got home my parcel from Paper and String had arrived, yippee! It came beautifully packaged with a thank you card in it. I've been following her blog for a while now but this is the first time I have ordered anything.

I got a swatch card so I can colour match to my fabric stash.

The felt is lovely quality and the colours are gorgeous, Pistachio, Bright Pink, Beige, Pale Pink and Turquoise.

For my brooches that I am making I got some brooch pins in small and large. The large ones will be the most useful.

Then to top off the order I got some buttons, well you have to don't you!!