Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Birthday Boy Cards

So twas the nephews turn yesterday, 19 years and getting more handsome every year.  Being a boy he doesn't do all that fluffy party stuff and just wanted to veg with his mates in front of the Lord of the Rings Triology!  At least we were allowed to give him cards, magic ones again as he is saving for some swish new telly.  His old one is newer and better than my main one in the lounge, there's something wrong somewhere lol.

Can you tell what football team he supports?

Now this card may not make sense to those of us less trendy mortals who are over the age of 20, but basically Penguin is apparently a cool brand of clothing for the boys!  I think he found it amusing.

And lastly, what every guitar playing man should have, why a guitar themed card of course!

I hope you liked them all.  I still have two more birthdays this month, most of our families fall in July or November.  We're like buses, none for ages then loads arrive all at once :o)

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Pretty parcels and cute puppy

Afternoon to you all.  Bit grey here in the UK today, quite a shock after all the glorious sunshine we've been having, had to go and get myself a cardi to put on!   So whilst it is a bit cooler in the craftroom thought i would share some lovely goodies that I was lucky enough to win over at Victoria Rose Crafts.  Rose has a lovely blog, pop on over and pay her visit.

All wrapped in up in tissue and with a card, just lovely.

And look what loveliness lay inside them!  She personally made the slippers to fit my big feet which was so sweet of her and you can just about see the hairband at the back which I wore in the garden whilst hanging out the washing!  I'm particularly looking forward to playing with the yummy fabric and tilda card stuff.  Thank you again for your generosity Rose. x

Okay, so do you wanna see the cutest puppy ever?

Just look at that face!!!  His name is Archibald and he belongs to a friend.  They've had him a week already and he is now 10 weeks old, I think?  Isn't he the cutest ever.  I want one, oh how I want one of these, but unfortunately I don't think my 3 little minxes (cats) would be best pleased!  So I'll have to get my fix with this one won't I.  He's gonna be one super loved doggie.

Ooh how handsome does he look here.  He's gonna have all the ladies after him!

Oi!  These are my toys, go get your own, lol.

I could go on about Archie for ever and a day but I don't want all my lovely readers drifting off with boredom at my repetiveness so I shall stop here :o)

Do you have any special four legged (or other) friends?  What are their names?  Do leave me a comment, I always enjoy reading through them and try my best to pop round for a visit. xx

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Friday, 9 July 2010

She Loved it all

My niece that is.  We had a lovely girly lunch with my nan, mum, lil sis and of course the star of the day the 21st birthday girl.  There was lots of yummy food laid on by my mum to which we all tucked in and scoffed the lot!  Her brother joined us after his shift at the pub and yes we did save him some grub.  Once all our bellies were full it was onto the tradition of card and present giving.
21 glittery cupcakes with candles had to be blown out first.  Making these was a bit hairy that day as it was mightily hot and humid and you can guess what that does to the buttercream I was trying to pipe oh so elegantly.
Can you spot the little doggie in amongst them.  Looks like he is checking whose watching before he has a good ol lick of the icing.  She wants a real St Bernard but that's as close as she is getting at the moment.  Have you seen how much food they get through in a week!

It's tradition for me to make my niece big birthday cards, for her 18th she demanded an A4 size, for her 21st she wanted A3 no less!!  It's not that I don't have cardstock big enough you understand, it's the 'what on earth do I fill it all with' dilema!  So as you can see I pretty much chucked everything at it!  The border was punched using my new Martha Stewart deep edge punch which also makes daisies if you punch both sides of narrow card strip.  The bunting sentiment in the middle was hand drawn by me and the embellishments and papers are all from KandCompany ranges.

And it just about passed the test of standing up unassisted, phew!
Another card made for Nana to give.  I like this colour combo and as you can see I'm back to the easel cards again!
And we had to have one for Great Nana to give too.  The flowers are by Prima and are so very handy to make a quick card pop.  All of her cards were magic ones, you open them up and pieces of valuable paper come fluttering out of them.  I used to love those as a child although now I much prefer an actual pressie that someone picked out for me.
It was a very nice day and the sun came out in the end for us to enjoy in the afternoon.  These gorgeous yellow roses were destined for her bedroom dresser, I gave them to her with the picnic hamper I renovated for her.
I can't for the life of me remember where I got this check fabric from but I love it.  Twas perfect for the hamper and goes really well with the spotty napkins from John Lewis.  The vintage flask is from a bootsale a while ago and she's always wanted one to put her Pimms in!
It didn't take too long to do at all, the most time consuming bit was stitching all the elastics in place.  I did make one booboo, can you spot it?  I cut too wide round the buckles and when hemmed the gap is a lot bigger than it should be, hey ho!  Despite the booboo (how else would we learn) this has really inspired me to get more sewing done, I really do put things off for far too long.
Oh and this is how the hamper looked before I made it over.

Thanks for popping by, hope you are all well and if in the UK enjoying the glorious sunshine we are having.

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Monday, 5 July 2010

I'm back on Dotcomgiftshop again

Another new week ahead, bit cooler here today so able to get a few more things done in the garden this afternoon.  Painting my front picket fence at the moment which is taking forever and am researching some plants that I can grow and still have room for my car!
This morning's usual e-mail check revealed that I've been featured on the dotcomgiftshop blog again.  This time they've picked out 50 of their fave birthday cards and they were rather taken with my Harley Davidson card I made.  You can see my original blog post here.  Funnily enough this is one of my least favourite cards, but then I'm not keen on making for the male species!

Do pop on over to their blog to see all the other gorgeous handmade cards from some very talented crafters out there.  Just click this link 50 Fave Birthday cards.

It's back to the painting now, no rest for the wicked :o)

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