Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Graduate

Well she only went and did it.  My niece got a 2-1 in her degree, woohoo!  She now gets to dress up in that funny little hat and cloak, still at least it's in her fave colour, she does like a bit of black clothing.  Of course there were cards to help her celebrate the good news.

This one is an easel card which is a first for me.  Have to say I do rather like this style and super easy to do.  Text background paper is by K&Company.   The obligatory hat (am sure there is a posh name for this) was cut out of slate grey cardstock, added a wax thread tassle and mini cardstock letters on foam.
The fountain pen is from the Anna Griffin Creativity stamp set which has loads of great images for all sorts of crafts, you can see them here.

Simple paper scroll for this one.  I think that is how they should send the results through to the students, these days they just have to look on the Uni Intranet, not the same don't you think.

Lastly we have a shape card.  I got the template from splitcoasterstampers which was a gift card holder.  I just didn't use the front flap that would have gone at the bottom of the hat.  If you want to use the template you can get it here

As it wasn't originally meant to stand up I had to add some support to the back so I fashioned a kind of popout stand, it's not brilliant but it just about stands up!

She will be getting all these today and at the end of July her parents are throwing a lovely garden party for her.  She is the first one in our family to have initials after her name, how proud are we!   I'm already tasked with supplying teacups, cake stands and pompoms to go round the fencing.  I will be in my element :o)

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tap, tap go the keys, ding goes the bell!

For a girl who learnt to type way before anything remotely computerised was on the scene, you just can't beat the sound of an old fashioned typewriter! All that tapping away of the keys makes me think I'm writing some literary masterpiece even though in reality I am knocking out a shopping list to take to town with me!  They always evoke images of novelist or journalist sat at an old wooden table in a country farmhouse typing away oblivious to all that goes on around them.
So when at a recent bootsale with my mum I got a lovely surprise when I saw a typewriter in the distance and headed straight for it. It was sitting there all proud on top of a table with it's case and some old fashioned carbon paper by it's side. That's how we did photocopying back then for you young things out there :o)
My fingers went straight to the keys and started typing, it worked, perfectly, wow! Had to have it. The sticky label said £2, surely not. The nice man came over to me, 'are you interested in that old thing?'. Yep I said, does that say £2. 'Yes' he replied. Sold I said. He packed it all way in it's carry case and couldn't believe that people actually still used typewriters.
So here it is.  Tis a Vintage Olivetti Dora c.1965 and in mint condition. Both colours on the ribbon work and the bell tings gently to remind you you are near the margin, I love that sound so much. 
Tucked inside the case were some old letters dating back to early 1980s and typed by a Squadron Leader from RAF Brampton which must have been the lovely man who sold it to me.  I commented to my mum at the time how well spoken and smart he was.  I imagine he had this typewriter from almost new and I love it even more now knowing some of it's past.
Do you like vintage typewriters or even have one of your own.  Not only are they great to use they make brilliant props for photographs and no doubt mine will be cropping up a whole lot in future pictures of crafty creations :o)
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Thursday, 24 June 2010

This and That

See what football and sunshine does, it sidetracks me that's what.  My poor computer has been sat in its office all on it's lonesome wondering if I will ever love it again! LOL  Don't know about you but I was so relieved after Englands match yesterday, phew is all I can say.  The only downside is their match against Germany on Sunday kicks off whilst I am volunteering at the CS!!  Hmmm, think some negotiation is gonna be called for :o)

Next topic, bread.  I love it, all of it, especially homebaked.  Like a lot of people I have a bread machine but there is just something about the bread that comes out of it that I just don't like much.  Plus you don't get to feel the dough.  So I've gone all traditional and inspired by that lovely baker man on Mary Queen of Shops I made my first freestyle loaf at the weekend.

Ta Da!  Do you like it?  Twas rather yummy and didn't last long so have been making one nearly every day now.  Some are better than others, but I'm learning and there are some great tips and recipes on the web.  And a bonus is your upper arms get a great workout to boot!

A little card was made using my new vintage furniture stamp set from Docrafts.

And I've finally got this hamper out of the shed to restore for my niece.  Tis only a year late, but all good things take time I tell her ;o)  I've already cleaned and taken the dividers out and found some lovely check material for the lining.  When she's got it I can post some more piccies as I know she reads my blog.
So, I've made friends with my PC again and updated my ghost town blog.  I think I deserve a nice cuppa and some bread and jam ;o)  Thanks for popping by.

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cute Pattern Making Measurement Chart - Free Download

Just a quickie, been busy gardening today whilst we had the sunshine.  Took a quick break online and came across a fab little freebie over at Keyka Lou's blog

For all us budding seamstresses out there she has a free download for a really cute pattern making measurement chart.  All you have to do is grab a tape measure and pen then measure away and fill in the blanks.  Perfect if you are like me and always have to redo them everytime you attempt to make anything for yourself!

To get the download just click here!


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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A few Leona Lewis piccies from Nottingham Trent Concert

As promised here are few piccies of the lovely Leona Lewis from her concert in Nottingham last week. You can tell she is a shy girl by nature as she looked a tad nervous in her first song, but she soon got over that.  This ladies voice is truly amazing and as clear and strong in the flesh as it is on her recordings, faultless.  When she sang 'I've got you' it made the hairs stand up on my neck, just beautiful.

 The set was inspired by her fave film The Labrynth
Her trademark dress with full skirt and long train

This moment was just magical
She is singing 'I've got you' here, stunning
Singing acapulco style with her band

The dancers were amazing and in the style of Cirque du Soleil, in this little clip you can see some of them performing above Leona on stage.  

My sister and I had a lovely time together, dinner, the concert, then drinks afterwards, perfect evening out.

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm featured on Dotcom Giftshop

Normally my emails are like my post, mostly mailshots to stuff I've subscribed to with the odd nice personal one thrown in.  Well this evening when I got back from my mini trip to Nottingham I did my usual, switched on the laptop got myself a cuppa and started catching up on messages.  

Scrolling through my inbox my eye was caught by a message from the Dotcom Gift Shop Blog.  Being the sceptical kind I clicked on the link expecting to be taken to some advertising site, but no I landed on their official website and there I was number 24 on their 50 superb craft blogs list There are so many wonderful talented bloggers around that I feel both surprised  and honoured to be listed among them.
If you want to see the list and see all the other great blogs featured then just click here   And if you are anything like me you will end up clicking on their shop full of great products and find things that you want to buy.  Like this gorgeous enamel bread bin which I oh so want for my kitchen

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Off to see Leona Lewis in concert

Off to Notts to see this lovely lady perform tonight with my lil sis.  We'll be there in the crowd singing out of tune to our hearts content!

She's being supported by another lovely young lady whose song 'Sweet About Me' I just love.  You can listen to it here

With an overnight stay at my niece's Uni house, oh my should be interesting!  Hopefully we'll still be in one piece the next day LOL.

Be back in a few days, enjoy the sunshine girls, it's getting hot again, woohoo!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

French General - Home Sewn

A little mini book review for you all, Home Sewn by Kaari Meng.  I love looking at the French General website with all it's rural fabrics, papers, curiosities and more and when I spied their book the other day for £9 I couldn't resist.
One of the things that swayed me was the fact that you get full size patterns stored in this handy little pocket at the front of the book, which is sprial bound by the way so that it lays perfectly flat when crafting from it.  The book is beautifully made with heavyweight paper, the photos and text are all matt finish which I love.

  There is of course the obligatory bunting that makes an appearance in most sewing books these days.
Photography is very traditional which I kinda like, adds a certain richness, like it's been in your family for ages.

Along with written instructions and the patterns themselves they also provide handdrawn sketches showing you how to put it all together if you are unsure, although to be honest the patterns in here are all mostly basic.

So fresh, crisp white and blue linens, very french.

Wish I were sat at that table right now scoffing all that yummy food, washed down with the red stuff of course!
Now I've never seen these before, breadwarming bags. They have flaxseed in a pouch at the bottom and you preheat the bag in the microwave then just pop your bread in the bag and it keeps it nice and warm.  Definitely going to have to make one of these and bake some homemade bread to test it out on.

This is a very basic sewing book, the projects are not challenging or new by any means but it is a beautiful high quality book.  No flimsy paperback covers here.  I probably wouldn't have paid full price for it but for £9 it was definitely worth it to me and will look great on the coffee table.

Do you have this book?  Have you made anything from it yet?  Do leave me a comment I'd love to hear your thoughts. xx