Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Well that's it, 2008 is almost over............................ my how the years race by now, they used to go much slower I'm sure!

Looking forward to a fresh start and renewed vigour for the year ahead.

Can I just say this has been my first year in blog land and I have loved every minute of it. I have been inspired by so many of you out there and look forward to another year sharing with you all.

Have a good one xxxx

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

So what resolutions will it be this year?

Xmas has been and gone, my belly is still full up!! After much indulgence recently my thoughts are now turning to the New Year and what my plans for it are. The usual things spring to mind, work on body, improve health, i.e. stop smoking which would impress my niece immensely and be more organised! Why do we always choose the dark dismal days of January to change our lives, is it because we need to punish ourselves for all the weaknesses we had in the run up to Xmas? Or do we just need something to focus on and occupy our minds.

Apart from the above mentioned reso's I shall be adding a new one of 'get my ass into gear if I really want to make a go of earning money from my creativity'. Now don't get me wrong this could be the riskiest reso of all, yes even more so than giving up the 'weed'! For starters my timing is way out, everything around us seems to be crumbling under the weight of the CRUNCH! People aren't spending on luxuries anymore and want cheap cheap cheap. So why would anyone want to start out on their own in this climate..........because I think local and handcrafted are things people turn to in times of trouble as it gives them a sense of security and comfort, a nod back to the days when people didn't worship at the altars of the big corporate.

So I must procrastinate no longer and get on with it, it's now or never. I will have to get a real job very soon and would love to be able to have the luxury of only needing to look for a part time one to boost my creative earnings.............................. of course if I give up the weed as well I will need less earnings to start with ;o) Wish me luck!

Anyone else putting together a list............ lots of luck from me to you x

Monday, 22 December 2008

The house is ready for Santa, do you want to see....

I just adore nighttime at this time of year, everything looks much nicer by the gentle glow of fairy lights, including myself!!

Fluffy stockings for Santa to fill!

Twinkle Twinkle!!

A fave ornament
and my new fave ornament bought this year..

My mum got me this cute snowman family at TK maxx

Got this idea for using paint cards as tags from A Spoonful of Sugar, think they work well.

And lastly a few cards made the new Anna Griffin papers I got from QVC.

Have a lovely Xmas and hope to see you all again in blog land in the new year xxx

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh my oh my, it's been a long time!

17 days to be precise!! I really didn't mean to stay away soo long but things just seem to have snowballed (excuse the pun) over the last few weeks. There I was thinking the big day was ages away when all the time it has been lurking round the corner.

We are trying to keep to a minimal xmas this year rather than all end up with endless lists and a negative bank balance. It's working out really well, we all put down ideas for gifts upto £15 and have to say apart from my other half (who are the most difficult to buy for) all gifts have been secured and now await in a pile in the back bedroom for wrapping. This is the part I love to do, presentation is key and being a crafter I have stacks of stuff to choose from to pretty them all up. Promise to post some piccies of the finished wrappings.

Have also been busy at my local charity shop, we opened Sundays for xmas run and have to say it has been very successful. Think people are being a lot more careful where they shop this year and I have really enjoyed seeing so many of them come into the shop and find something they like at very little cost. The kids section has been particularly popular! We had a lovely family with two twin boys who must have been 3 years old, they were dressed the same and both had matching ruck sacks on and beanie hats. They were just fascinating to watch as they rummaged round the shop. Needless to say they found the lower shelves of the brick a brac section far more fascinating than the toy section much to their parents dismay!

Made a few cards recently, some of them were done using my recently purchased mini stamp sets from Pink Petticoat. Have to say I am in love with these and shall be buying loads more of them! She had a lovely blog giveaway of an MM Slice last week, I would have loved to have entered but hadn't had much practice with my set then, and anyway the competition was really stiff, the winner's entries were just out of this world! Anyway here are a few piccies as I am sure you have all had enough to read for the moment ;o)

Think my colouring skills need to improve!

The 3-d embellishments are from Anna Griffin and velvet to the touch, I just love her stuff

Have no idea why this has rotated, oh well you get the general idea!

Be back soon, hope your xmas run up is going smoothly ;o)