Saturday, 26 February 2011

Simply Homemade

Thanks to the lovely Lala over at Hookinwithlala for blogging about this magazine.  I am loving the cover and want everything on it.  Doesn't it look fresh and inspiring and they have that rather cute sewing machine from John Lewis.  There is a website where you can see a bit more about the mag and they have some projects on there to. 

Of course I couldn't post without some pretty piccies from inside the mag now could I.

Photo courtesy of Practical Publishing
Lovely fresh colours and I like the cover over the linen basket
Photo courtesy of Practical Publishing
 How cute are these pin cushions, 
I had to look twice as first I thought they were real cakes!
Photo courtesy of Practical Publishing
A little apron for the kiddies.

Photo courtesy of Practical Publishing
Aah here are the edible ones, yummy.

Because I am so impatient I will be buying the first issue today at £3.99, but after that I will be subscribing as the saving is brilliant.  You pay just £27.16 per year which works out at £2.27 per copy and you get free delivery to boot!  Now that I can justify.

Thanks for popping by.  Lolo xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cuteness on a dreary day

The weather was dull, dull, dull here today and needed cheering up.  And what better way than looking at cute little furry things.
Photo courtesy of mvo168
Photo courtesy of mvo168
Photo courtesy of 53438402@N08
They say we might have some sunshine tomorrow, oh I do hope so!  Lolo xx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Conran accessories - choose a favourite

Read about this on Patchwork Harmony's blog and thought I'd give it a go.  Currently they are giving everyone the chance to win £100 to spend in their store/online.  All you have to do is pick a favourite accessory that is under £100 from their online shop and then either blog about it or tweet them, that's it.

I've gone for this colourful vase, when I saw it it instantly made me smile and feel brighter and all summery.  The colour mix is so pretty and just love the 3d flower work.  It costs £99 on their website . To view the vase just click here .  My dining table is in front of large patio doors and I can just picture this on there with the suns rays enhancing all those glossy petals.
If I don't win a voucher I may just buy this milk jug.  Rather cool don't you think and it's only £9.50.  Brilliant for breakfast times.

Fancy joining in with a chance to win then hop on over to Conran to have a peek.  They are running it for 4 weeks and pick a winner each week.  Lolo xx

Friday, 18 February 2011

Gok Wan's signed velvet mannequin by Corset Laced Mannequins for Breast Cancer Care

Image courtesy of Corset Laced Mannequins
The lovely Lucy over at Corset Laced Mannequins had her beautiful creations featured in Gok's Fashion series currently being shown on Channel 4.  I love watching this show for all his makeover tips on clothing and got to see this very mannequin being used in the show.  Gok and Brix have signed the mannequinn which Lucy has put up for auction on Ebay to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.  A lovely thing to do and a good cause that will be close to all us lady bloggers hearts.

If you want to pop over and have a lookey at the auction click HERE.  I shall be having a punt myself but got a feeling it may just end up being out of my league.  Lolo xx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cath Kidston Factory buys

Since it's opening back in Oct/Nov last year I have managed to rack up a few purchases, sssh don't tell my bank manager.  Like a lot of people I do think that her items are over priced and if it weren't for this little haven of reduced goodies I would probably own but a couple of bits.  Anyhows I'd thought I would share with you the fruits of my visits and see what you think.  You will notice a bit of a frock theme going on.
Frock No. 1 - my first purchase, £20 and surprisingly the medium fit me which was good as the only one they had on the rail.  I like to wear it with Emus and a long sleeve tshirt underneath.
Frock No. 2 - well tis a tad short for a frock but can just get away with it if thick tights are worn beneath - £20.  This is a very soft cotton and has pockets in the side seams which I love to stuff my hands in.
Frock No.3 - Longer version of frock no.2 style in the check that I like so much. Slightly dearer at £30 but very comfy and could wear without tights in the summer, here's hoping.
This cute little grab bag was a Xmas pressie from my darling sister, she has no problem buying me pressies now with the shop on our doorsteps.  Even she is slightly hooked now.
Another obsession I have is the gadget cases.  They are brilliant value and are super soft and squidgy on the inside to protect your valuable items.  I have my camera, iTouch and Blackberry in them.  Feel I need to get some more of these beauties.
Now I'm ever hopeful that we are going to have a nice summer and I can stroll down the town with this lovely lined basket and fill it with veggies from our Farmers Market.  I like that it stands up even when empty some baskets tend to topple over which drives me nuts. - £12
A cover for my iTouch, makes it really nice to hold and doesn't slip out of your hand.
Fabric, fabric, fabric, love, love, love.  That's all I can say about!
Last piccie, finally I've reached the end and hopefully haven't bored you all to death!  Assorted key fobs, some bought, some gifted.  Being large these babies mean I can now grab my keys from the bottom of my overstuffed bag easily, which is brilliant when it is chucking it down with rain I can tell you.

Anyone else been to the store?  What did you buy?  What's your favourite items?

Thank you for popping by, Lolo. xx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Some treasures from my high street

From my blog recently you would be forgiven for thinking that I had given up the thrifting lark.  Perish the thought!  I can't see myself ever being able to walk down a high street without popping into the odd CS or two, it's embedded in my genes.  To that end I've been busy sorting through all the 'STUFF' as my OH likes to call it, to share with you guys.  Are ya ready?
 This little tin looked so cute, it had a handle missing but that didn't bother me and it was only 99p.
When I got it home all these were inside it! Aren't they just diddy.  I've taken them out of the main tin so I can use it for something else and spent ages decanting all my herbs, although the names don't match so must put labels on them as relying on my not so good sense of smell at the moment to identify them.

I have fond memories of these wooden building blocks.  They used to come in little wooden trollies, I had one as a child and would put my little baby sister it when she was just tiny and wheel her around the lounge. I did always cover her with a nice knitted blanket so she was comfortable, honest!  Anyways this lot are destined to be painted with letters on for around the home, oh and to share with my sister of course.

Obvious what this is for!  It is sitting on my kitchen dresser now, much better than the plastic thing I had before.
How many baskets do I have?  Who cares, baskets are beautiful and you have to have lots as there are just so many uses for them.  This one being knitting storage by the fire.

Gorgeous bunch of hearts, they are quite chunky but very lightweight, courtesy of an antiques emporium up the road from me, not antique I know but I love em.
They had this little metal one too.  It reminds me of the ones you can get over at Vintage Amethyst who sell the most delightful items for the home, I know as I'm lucky enough to own a few.  You should pop on over and have a browse.

So my thrifty side of me is happier now that I've gotten to share my loot with like minded people.  The OH just doesn't get it and is bored after a mere nano second of me showing them to him.

Next up will be my CK outlet store purchases.  Till then, take care and thank you for popping by. xx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Awwh he remembered

Half an hour before I left work today this gorgeous gift arrived!  What a lovely surprise, I am a very lucky girlie.  Now pondering how to get them into a vase without ruining the beautiful arrangement.  Maybe a glass or two of the bubbly will help me!

Hope you are all having lovely evenings whether with your partners or just chilling with your fave choccies and tv programmes, enjoy. xx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Martha Stewart Punches on QVC

I just love Martha Stewart's craft range and already have a few of her items for my card making.  Her craft tools are easy on the eye in neutral colours which pleases me as a lot of craft tools come in some pretty garish colours.  She's just launched a new style of punch which works anywhere on a piece of paper rather than just the edges like traditional punches.  For today only they have two of the punches for £24.38 on QVC and yes you've guessed it I have ordered myself a set, well I had to didn't I.
Martha Stewart Scallop Square and Flower Set
 They showed some really cool projects using these punches and I am itching to try them out.  The presenter also mentioned that these punches would cut through lightweight fabric that had a stiffener in them, now if this works I'll be super chuffed!
Martha Stewart Heart and Butterfly Set QVC
I've gone for the first set with the scallop square and flower as this seems to be the most versatile.  The scallop square is perfect for making mini bunting on cards or pictures.  If you want to watch the demo video or even buy a set then click on this link QVC Martha Stewart Punches.

Oh no they have just put on a gorgeous floral patchwork quilt set, must turn TV off before I go bankrupt!

Thanks for popping by. xx

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fed up looking at the last post

So I've popped on and bumped it from the top, it was driving me slightly nuts seeing that old Ikea post everytime I logged on.  Heaven knows how bored you guys must have been.  I have lots of things to blog about, finished knitting projects, some goodies from my thrifting trips amongst other things, but I need some photos and everytime I'm at home it is either nighttime or a dreary day.

Just checked with the weather man and he is telling me sunshine for Saturday, you never know you might get to see a more interesting post before the month is out lol!

Thanks for popping by. xx