Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rekindled love affair with sewing machine

Whilst rummaging away in my airing cupboard I saw a white plastic thing buried at the back. On closer inspection it turned out to be my long lost sewing machine from days when I used to knock up the odd thing or two! Could it still work? I dragged it out and promptly rang my mum who is guru of all things to do with stitching. Why shouldn't it she said! A few days later she was round mine and I connected it up, and with the magic touch of her fingers the old stitcher chugged into action and it was if it had never been hidden away! The smile on my face went from ear to ear!
So it is now sitting in pride of place on my kitchen table with my plastic spotty tablecloth underneath ready for action. I have an enormous stash of fabric pieces that I have accumulated over the years, never could resist the remenant bins in haberdashers!
Needlecraft is such a lovely thing to do, all children should be taught how, do children of today even know what needlecraft is.................... the possibilites are endless as are the ideas/sketches that fill up my journals.

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