Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Wonderful weekend

I was lucky to be treated to a weekend at the Charlotte Street hotel in London to celebrate 9 years together with my OH. The rain stopped long enough for us to check in without getting soaked and the lovely lady on reception had upgraded us to, oh my gosh, the penthouse suite!! The bellboy took us to the suite and showed me around while I tried not to squeel with utter delight and excitement at the sheer beauty of the room. His job done off he went to order our food and I then got to run around the suite feeling like a little princess and going, aaah!! It had lots of pink in it, marvellous, oh and did I mention there was a tv in the bathroom!! Out came the digital camera and I spent the next 20mins photographing every angle I could think of, lucky for other half food arrived so I had to stop my david bailey act. This was a world I could get used to, we sat there eating our delicious snacks whilst looking out over the roof tops of london through our beautifully dressed windows.......................... Some of my fave pics out of the hundreds taken ;o)

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