Sunday, 2 November 2008

Antique Irish Crochet

Since my last post I have been busy entertaining my aunt who is over from the states for a couple of weeks. We are all having such fun with craft things. She is extremely talented and until recently has been making miniature porcelain dolls and handmade clothing to 1/12th scale.

This work has proved too intricate for her now and she has moved into the world of reborn dolls, a craft to which her previous skills are easily transferred. She came over with this beautiful hand crocheted christening gown to finish and was talking about really wanting to do some antique irish rose crochet. So on to the world wide web I hopped in search of patterns, firstly I found a couple of sites that had some beautiful antique patterns that they sold on CD that were taken from their original pattern books, my aunt was sooo pleased with this find.

Further searching uncovered some sites that had kindly put up some intricate irish patterns that you could download for free, together with indepth instructions as the terminologies they used back then, some of these dated back to the late 1800s!! To say my aunt was excited was an understatement. Needless to say we are off out tomorrow to find some of the very fine thread she will need to start on the Irish Baby Bonnet pattern.

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