Monday, 23 February 2009

Clutter, Clutter, Clutter

Okay haven't been around for a while, been caught by the decluttering bug!! I have way too much stuff in my house and it's been annoying me! Sorting things out is not necessarily what stresses me, it's the piles I end up with on the floors that then seem to sit there for ages just taunting me. Was doing a bit of browsing on the web one evening when I came across these popup bags.

What a fab idea, especially as you can fold them away after you have done with your clearout session. Have always found the traditional bin liners not much good as can split and just flop on the floor not helping much. Cardboard boxes are okay but never seem to have any when I need them and they take up space to store.

The company that does these are based in the US so I am off to my local Acorn store to buy me some popup laundry bins and get labelling, they will have to be pretty labels of course! I shall add an extra bin for me labelled Ebay as I do sell some things on there to boost my crafting funds ;o)

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  1. cant believe how we have the same sorta things going on i have just last week bought three recycling bags....not as quirky as yours but on the same wave!!!! sassyx


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