Thursday, 5 February 2009

More Snow!!!

My niece and I were up late last night and when we went to bed and switched the lights off I thought why is it so bright outside. Rushed over to the window and this is what we saw, it was all we could do to stop ourselves running out in it, but it was 4am and we were in our jim jams!!

All this snow is not helping my cause for getting things done as keep wanting to go out and play in it. Look what I made in my back garden.

The cats are not too keen though, my black and white one Alfie is the brave one and goes out frolicking, dashing around in the snow.

Morgan my tabby will only walk round the perimeter where there's gaps with no snow. He much prefers to have a snooze and particularly on my clothing! But don't he look cute!

Last piccie I promise, this is how my trees looked at the end of my garden, just magical!

Hope you are all having fun!

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  1. love your cat....and yep mine will sleep on my must be the smell...a good smell i hope lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! sassy


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