Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Stats all gone - neocounter vanished!

The gremlins have been to my blog and taken all my visitor stats with them, little blighters!! Neocounter was happily sitting at the bottom tallying up all my lovely visits when puff it just stopped working. Can't get to their website either............ it's just pants ;o(

Now I only had just over 400 hits so far but every little helps and was looking forward to doing something when I reached the 500 mark!!

Anyone else had gremlins? Anyone know how to fix it?


  1. oh you poor hunnie...i like looking at my visits too afraid i cant help and im not sure what my neo counter is called...see if you can set up one from my blog counter.....if thats any good ...hugs sassyx

  2. looks like its back lol!!!!...hope it stays....sassyx

  3. Hello, thanks for such a lovely comment on my tutorial, glad you liked it. Its always nice to meet a new blogger - I will be back soon! X


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