Saturday, 28 March 2009

Thrifty Finds

The sun shines right into my bedroom practically all day and this prompted me to go through my wardrobes and drawers the other day. The result was a few bags to take to my local charity store. This time I chose Help the Aged, I seem to be favouring them more as I do think they get a little left behind in the charity stakes as being perceived as not as important as some of the others. Anyway I handed over my donation and then of course I had to have a look around didn't I, it would be rude not to!

I have been looking for some little tea plates as I only have large ones and they had these for 50p each. Just right for my fave cream horns. There were 2 matching saucers as well but no teacups, I was gutted! I wonder what happened to the cups?

Then I popped on over to the clothes section and there was this lovely paisley patterned sun dress in a 12, which I am not, but tried it on and hey it fitted - £2.99 perfect for over jeans!

All I need now is some sunshine to wear it in!

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  1. Hi Lolo just spoted your comment about kraft card on SWUS blog, you CAN buy it here in the UK not in individuals packs but the neutral packs in our current catalogue does include kraft as well. Love your trifty finds and that dress is lovely Hugs M xxx


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