Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Yanks are in town!

Been a bad blogger, but have a good excuse, my lovely aunt and uncle are over here visiting us from Boston, USA. Oh it is so lovely to see them. They are staying with my mum and nan who live just round the corner from me so get to see them loads. They also bought me some more nestibilities over, the rectangle ones this time, saves bundles on postage & packaging and the sets are hard to get over here still.
They also fill their cases up with boxes of 'Lucky Charms' cereal for my niece and nephew. You can get it over here but it's highly overpriced, I think this is the stuff, bit sickly sweet for me though.

So over the next two weeks we will be going out on day trips, they love Windsor and Oxford. They are also like me and love rummaging round car boot sales so am taking them to a huge indoor one held at my local animal shelter this Sunday. They also have a little thrift shop and a lovely restaurant. I just have to stay away from the cattery as who knows what will end up in my shopping basket! With 3 already there really is no room at the inn ;o) Speaking of the devils am off to take them for their annual boosters now. Have a good day x

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  1. hope they enjoy their stay and wow how lovely are your nesties.....have just invested in some and love em..still in practise mode with them ...sassy


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