Thursday, 16 April 2009

Crochet Flowers

In an earlier post I referred to crocheting a flower needle book for my nan way back when I was just 10! Well you'll never guess what my mum found for me, yep my nan, god rest her soul, had kept it all these years. It is a bit dingy but still in one piece so I just had to photograph it and share with you all.

This spurred me on to look for some free flower patterns online. Found a couple and have been having a play to see if I can still do them. One is for an Irish Rose and the other is for a Daisy Flower. Both are american patterns so had to check the terminology as their stitches are slightly different to the UK. Life would be so much easier if stitch definitions were the same across the board don't you think.

I didn't have the right hook size, think it was a bit big for the wool that I had to use up, but they didn't come out too bad.

Think my favourite is the daisy flower (the white one) as it is a bit more flouncy and full.

I really enjoyed doing these and once you get the hang of them you don't have to concentrate too much. There are plenty of other flower designs on the site so will have a go at some of them too. Great way to use up all the odds and sodds of wool that I just cannot pass up in the charity stores ;o)


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