Monday, 27 April 2009

A week has gone by - busy times

Golly just realised I haven't posted anything since last Tuesday!! I do have a good excuse though as my mums bedroom is nearly ready now. We are just making the blinds and waiting for the new carpet to be laid. So I now have time to catch up on some blog reading. I have to say I have missed seeing what you are all up to ;o)

It is a very dull rainy day here in my part of the world, such a contrast to the last week of sunshine. Have to say it is not motivating me very much. Think I'll just go and start sorting out my back bedroom, this is going to be my new craft room. I currently work out of the box room which was fine a year ago but I have outgrown it now big style. It is also very difficult to do my sewing in there as not a lot of desk space. I'll have to post some piccies of the existing one before I start to clear it out for a before and after comparison.

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  1. cant wait to see the finished are a good girl...have left you something for your hard work can pick them up from my blog..lvs sassyx


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