Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Shabby Chic Hearts and Roses

You might need a cuppa for this one, I've waffled on a bit :o)

I just love the heart shape don't you. I am always drawn to all things heart when I'm in shops. Roses are another fave, in fact they are equal to hearts! In a recent post I blogged about the first one of these shabby hearts that I made and had sent to Carol over at Katherine's Dream as part of her blog candy she won.

I've since been playing around and making some more of varying sizes, some good, some not so good! They can be tricky little things, and do test my patience sometimes, but I'm sure it will get easier the more I do, one can only hope ;o)

The little roses are made from narrow silk ribbon and finished with fabric glue to make them stiff, and some I made using Fimo, bit fiddly but worth it when they go right!

Cream roses are my fave!

Small hearts would be great as card embellishments or for special scrapbook pages. I can see the larger ones being hung from door knobs, shaker hooks and the like. Oh and small ones added to picture frames would be lovely too. Note to self: must make one of these for my bedroom.

I'm hoping the pictures do them justice, could do with some training in close ups and the use of Adobe Photoshop. If you knew how long it took me to find how to change the edges of the picitures! I was trying for the sort of fuzzy edge, not sure I got it right ;o)

Some of the better ones will be going onto my online shops over the next few weeks, this will be the first thing that I have sold outside of Ebay! Am I doing the right thing, will people like them? Can feel the nerves kicking in already!

So fellow bloggers, do you think they are okay? Am I barking up the wrong tree with these. Any pointers for me? I can take it, good or bad I won't be offended ;o) xxxx


  1. wow there gorgoues...just give me the nod when your selling would love the smaller ones especially as you say for cards im a right romantic and you cant get a better mix of hearts and roses and pinks my fav......love them roses there stunning....loved your stuff......hugs sassyxxx

  2. I'm sure these will sell, they really are lovely and as for the roses.....WOW.
    Like you, hearts and roses are two of my favourite things and I agree with Sassy, the smaller ones would be great on a card or in a scrapbook.
    Beki xxx

  3. I discovered your blog recenlty and I really love it. The hearts are very beautiful, I think you will sell a lot of them.


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