Thursday, 30 July 2009

I've been a thrifting again!

Good afternoon bloggers. Although not sure what is good about it as the heavens have opened up and it is thundering in my part of the world. I want my summer back ;o(

Did manage to pop out this morning before the showers hit and thought I'd share a few of my purchases with you all.

Anyone for baking? Couldn't believe my luck with all this lot, brand spanking new as well!

Hmmm I'm seeing a heart shaped victoria sponge full of cream and berries!

Ooh this looks intriguing. Normally hack at mine with a large knife!

I could also use these stencils for my cardmaking too, very thrifty.

A few other bits of decorating equipment.

Oh no another flash of lighting, it's getting closer now, a bit scary! And there are giant hailstones again! Don't think my bizzy lizzies can survive another bashing.

Couldn't resist these matching glass bottles and trinket boxes. Not quite sure where they are going to live yet, may put them in the bathroom.

One of my fave snacks is humous and pitta bread. Now I can serve it in this lovely glass dish instead of balancing the plastic pot on the edge of my plate. How very posh!

And lastly I spied this lot hidden in a box on the floor. Just had to have them because of the colours.

Storm seems to have passed over now thank goodness. Not going to get my washing dry today am I! Definitely a play inside afternoon me thinks ;o) Thanks for popping by xx


  1. Great finds, well done you

    Have a great weekend

    Victoria xx

  2. Oooh the cake tin is fab Karen, you must bake a sponge and show us all before you eat it lol. THe cake slicer is great too i normally do mine with a bread knife and knock the edges off in the process lol. Super finds. I have a little award for you on my blog, please hop over when you get 5 minutes.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx


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