Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tutu loveliness!

It's all about the netting for me. Especially that super soft drapey kind. Everytime I see one you will find me oohing and aahing and longing to be young enough to prance around in one again! Now that would be a scary sight ;o)

You can imagine my delight when I saw this little number on Ebay recently, it's a Monsoon one that no longer fitted the little girl it belonged to. I couldn't imagine how she could part with it but luckily for me she wanted to.

I bid 99p and lo and behold a couple of days ago it became mine, cue big grin! It is the palest of green colours with absolutely loads of sequins sewn onto the netting on both back and front and has a super soft underskirt out of co-ordinating cotton. I just need to sew some ribbon inside the skirt so that I can hang it from a padded hanger. Then it will hang next to my mannequin who also happens to be wearing a wedding skirt made out of netting! xx

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  1. And it is for me too! it is lovely and such a bargain.


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