Sunday, 2 August 2009

Boot Sale Sunday

After many weeks of washed out Sundays my mum and I finally got to go booting, yippee!! And from some of the blogs I follow it looks like a few of us jumped at the good weather and went out there bargain hunting. Happy Days!

So here are the obligatory piccies of what I came home with. I was very good and went for quality and and not quantity this time as my house is becoming rather full up. So much so that my sister and I are doing our very own boot sale next Sunday.

Couldn't believe it when I saw this Rowan ribbon yarn with a price tag of £1 on it. Bought it quick before the lady realised and put the price up. Oh and the basket it is in was 50p from another booter.

It is a beautiful pale pink. I've never used this type of yarn before, any fellow bloggers out there know what this knits/crochets up like. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Okay now for some good old fashioned pine. This towel rail was being sold by a lovely old couple who had cleared some of their house out and they only required a £1 for it. Sold!

There is a very sweet lady who has a stall at ours every week, she makes childrens aprons and also has bric a brac things too. This week she had on the floor these 4 picture frames and they were all mine for £4.

They are really nice thick wood too. She is always a great pleasure to deal with, polite and sets up her stuff beautifuly, some booters there would do well to learn from her.

Well that's it, see I was really rather good. Watch out next Sunday I'll probably be on here moaning about all the grumpy buyers and how we got rained on, ha ha. xx


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