Thursday, 3 September 2009

Handbags at dawn!

LOL! Couldn't resist the title ;o)

Well have been a bit lapse lately in posting anything for my visitors to read so rectify that I must!

My recent addiction to 'chuck out the clutter' resulted in a stash of pretty bags I had forgotten I had! Now that I have rediscovered them I shall be displaying them on shaker pegs in my bedroom and craft room. But for now I dutifully lined them up to have their mug shots taken and this was the result.

My two most used bags by myself and my sister. Sort of rounded and very squidgy. The black one on the right is extremely versatile, it's like a mini tardis and just makes the most delightful noise when you shake it. Not sure where it came from but the lovely neutral one on the left was from TK Maxx.

Hmm, seem to have a colour them going on here! This upright trio are my least used bags, mainly due to the shape which I find awkward to get at things. However they are perfect decoration pieces. The chocolate one on the left was from one of my fave stores Coast.

Colour, colour, colour! This is a very glamorous across body bag by Monsoon. I love this in the winter with a knitted dress, thick tights and boots, it brightens up the day.

Would you just look at all that bead and sequin work!

These two are from Bay Trading of all places. They are very 'jangly'.

Now for the classic section! Here they all are, neatly sitting there just waiting to be taken to a smart dinner or cocktail evening. You can't go wrong with a clutch. I love the jewell encrusted ones in the middle row, my newest purchase from Next last year, I just adore them.

Change anyone! Giant clasps, timeless, like carrying an oversized coin purse. I love that reassuring loud 'snap' when you close this bag. It is so well made and really twinkles. Purchased from good old John Lewis, they always have great bag sections in the stores.

So there you have it, my evening bag collection. After seeing them all together like this I realise I need to get some colour in my life!! xx


  1. Love those bags!!! I think we're all 'bag ladies'!! In the nicest possible way of course!!

    Sharon xx

  2. WOW what a lovely collection of bags, definitely meant to be displayed and not hidden away

    Victoria xx


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