Thursday, 22 October 2009

My sofas

After all the hoo ha going back to Ikea thought I'd show you the Ektorp sofas in situ. I've only photographed one for now, the other 3 seater is on the other wall and looks identical.

I also have the Bromma footstool in front of each one, which I like nothing better than to plonk my feet on when watching TV. They are also great storage for all my wools and needles.

The piccies aren't brilliant as lighting a bit poor when I took them, but you get the general idea. Just need to finish putting up picture frames and bit of painting then I'll reveal the whole room to you all.

Thanks for popping by. xx


  1. We have the Ektorp cornersofa. I love it!

  2. Very very nice, the cushions are very pretty too, did you make those? the fabric looks lovely.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  3. They look lovely, I especially like the cushions, really nice touch :)


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