Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some Charity Shop goodies

Want to see some recent finds? Of course you do, what a silly question! Grab a cuppa this could take a while!

Lets start with these two lamp bases, perfect for a makeover with some paint, just need to find lampshades for them. Not sure if I've got any room for them so they may end up on ebay once finished.

How about some fabric, there is loads! There are these gorgeous velvet curtains, perfect for making little evening bags and corsages. There's a lot of material in them and it's in very good condition.

And these stripey ones called out to me. I got a deckchair from freecycle the other day and thought I could recover the existing canvas with this. Not 100% sure yet, it may end up as something else!

Bought this little lot from the curtain making section in my local family run dept store. They had two boxes with a sign saying fill a bag for £1! I was on my knees rummaging within seconds ;o)

My mum has this range of material in her kitchen

This is the neutrals version

Have to have spots!

Oh and how cute is the little rocking chair! Needs a paint job but will be great for photographing crafty makes on.

Remember the Emma Bridgewater Aga from my earlier post here, well now I have the purse to match! It was brand new with the labels still on it! The person who gave this away quite clearly had no taste ;o)! I'm already using it and love it!

And finally some sewing apparell, there's some gorgeous old JP Coates and Sylko cotton reels loads of vintage hooks and poppers, and of course the obligatory buttons!

A reel mixture

Soo much better than plastic reels.

Some sparklies in there too!

Made in England

Gosh didn't realise how much stuff I'd bought till I uploaded it all here! I think blogging is great for keeping a record of all the things we thrift, as, if you are like me, half the time I forget about what I have stashed away!! Now I can just click the Thrift Tag and it is all revealed right before my very eyes!

Think I need a sit down now and a cuppa! Thanks for popping by. xx


  1. What a great load of finds! I must go shopping with you one day! x

  2. What lovely finds!! You are clever!!!


  3. I'm so envious of all your finds!!

    The striped fabric is my favourite but I cannot wait to see your design of the lamp stands.

    I find my blog handy for keeping track of things especially as I buy a lot to put away for when I move out of home so it's very easy to forget what is there!

    Your fellow PJ addict, Victoria xx

  4. Well done you!!
    Your chair will look great painted! ;-)

  5. I love those old cotton reels too. I inherited a big sewing box a few years back, and it had lots of those wooden reels and the metal poppers too. There's a photo on my blog from a few days ago of my drawer full of cotton reels. I love looking at them all, SO colourful!

  6. Oh i do like it when you go shopping Karen, you really do have a nack of finding such pretty items at bargain prices. I love the rocking chair and as you say would be great for photographing your crafty makes on. The fabrics look gorgeous and my favourite has to be the diamonte buttons, they are to die for. I wish i had more time to visit my local shops and have a rummage without the children in tow lol.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  7. Ooh there are some gorgeous things in there - I especially like the buttons and reels - lovely. Look forward to seeing your deckchair, and your makeovers xx

  8. What a lot of great finds!!!
    Very lucky with the purse!
    I love all of the sewing stuff, enjoy it all!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx


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