Wednesday, 30 December 2009

It was a lovely day

Seems like a long time ago already! It catches me out every year how quickly it all flashes by. I'm already thinking about getting the decs down and spring cleaning the house!

But before I do I wanted to share a few pics of my day with you all. It was mostly about the cats, isn't it always in my house;o)

My lovely pressies from Santa. Wasn't I lucky! All the things I love, yankee candles, perfume, sewing books (can never have too many of those), girlie films, spotty tins, and the most kitsch recipe journal for my kitchen, I love it.

The real stars of the day! The two boys were going wild over a catnip ball I got them!

Alfie managed to nick it off of Morgan eventually!

Then Morgan got it back and totally destroyed it so no one else could have it ;o)

Miss snotty knickers didn't come down from her bed until well into the afternoon.

How darn cute is this! My mum's cat Ginge asleep with the new puppy my sister and I got her! Well we were cheeky children, we have been trying to persuade my mum to get a puppy as she could take it for walks and would be good for her but she won't have one until the cats have gone. So for christmas fun we got her this toy puppy, a bed for it and a calendar!!

Thanks for popping by xx


  1. Aww it does fly by in a WHOOSH doesnt it. As you say we forget that bit lol
    My decs are down!! Im fed up with them cos ~i find it M~ORE depressing Christmas has gone again!

    Your room looks fabulous, so cosy, your sofas look amazing...pussy cats are gorjuss too

    Happy New Year encase I dont pop back for a few days
    Thanks for sharing your super finds and brill blog
    mandi xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time!!! Christmas day always passes so quickly - all that work!!!! I'm a big Yankee Candle fan too, and perfume and cookery books!!! Sounds like you had my dream pressies!!! So did I though!!! Lovely!!!


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