Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thrifty Review

Over the past year I have amassed a HUGE amount of stuff!! And all gained from my most favourite kind of shopping, THRIFTING!

After a recent trip to the sales with my mum it re confirmed to me that I really don't like shopping in the norm anymore. Mass produced, same looking stuff everywhere and sometimes at extortionate prices. No that definitely does not do it for me. What I get excited about is popping up to my local high street and visiting each and every charity shop along the way. That feeling of just not knowing what is going to be in there is truely exciting. Then once the weather warms up a tad Boot Sales appear on my radar along with Antique Fairs.

Now most of the things purchased at the above mentioned venues are bought with the grand intention of upcycle/recycle/repurposing them, yeah right! After looking through my piccies on here I've come to realise that the finishing part is a real weak point of mine ;o)

Just look at all this fabric that I have yet to cut into. The velvet curtains are getting the chop soon as I need new cushions for my sofas.

Rather large collection of frames, that huge one should have been a giant pinboard by now! Do use the chalkboard in the kitchen though.

Have yet to knit anything with that gorgeous pink wool. Am just starting to learn freestyle embroidery so will be making use of the threads and hoop.

Now these are things that I do use all the time, probably because you don't have to do anything to them ;o)

The table is in use but needs painting, I love using the clothes horse and the towel rail. Must paint that rocking chair, it is just too cute.

Wore the the red dress a lot this summer, well it was late summer wasn't it.

Bit of a mixture. Cookbook stand is a godsend in the kitchen, my most used purchase! The gorgeous pillowcase went to my Aunt in America to use for her handmade christening gowns. And I can't make mind up whether to use the bedding or turn it into something else, oh the decisions to be made!

So after looking at all this stuff, and believe you me this is only half of it, I realise I really must try harder to make use of these things next year. Some before and after posts would be nice wouldn't they! xxxx

PS - Did you notice I've learnt how to do a collage, woohoo!!


  1. Such a fab review - really enjoyed it. I love to see your finds and what you make/do with them. We must go thrifting together sometime. x

  2. I completely agree with you! I am a huge shopaholic, but I have really toned down on the mass produced stuff and now adore the individuality of handmade, second hand, and vintage. Lovely to see all of your treasures and hope to see more in 2010

  3. What wonderful stuff you find!!! I'd love to go shopping with you!!


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