Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Okay here goes my first weight loss post, yikes!

So was it a good first week?  Did I stick to my plan?  How much exercise did I do?  Yes these are all very good questions but sadly not with very good answers!  I could write about many a reason, alright excuse, why things went a bit awry but I shall be a good girl and just admit that I was LAZY!  Yes there I've confessed, I did zilch, nada, nothing to help my cause.

So I was a little bewildered to find when I gingerly stepped on the scales that I had managed to lose 0.5lbs!  Oh I know it's not much and some people might say not really a weight loss as such but hey I didn't go up!  Just think what I could have achieved if had followed my plan.

Right my plan for next week is to just add in more walking where possible and short bursts of running up and down my stairs.  On the food front I want to go a week without getting anything from my local bakers, toughy that one :o)

Tune in next week to find out my fate!

PS:  who has taken the sun and hidden it somewhere, it's been missing for days where I am, anyone got it?


  1. I always say if you put 0.5lb on you'd be disappointed so always acknowledge the small loses... and I find that the smaller the loses the more it'll stay off!

    Victoria xx

  2. Oh luv ya heart!
    Well thats that sound more?

    Better off than on!

    Keep it up

  3. Whops meant to also say it shows you dont need to loose much too!

    Always on hand to help with excuses lol

  4. Hee, hee! Sounds Like me! Still a step in the right direction though - would have been a lot worse if you'd put on 0.5 instead! :)

  5. Well done!! There's still this week!!!


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