Saturday, 6 March 2010

Old Woolly Jumpers

Old woolly jumpers, no longer loved and destined for the recycling/charity shop have become my obsession recently.  They are quite hard to come by though, most knitwear seems to be acrylic these days. 
This is how they started, slightly musty and a bit worn.  Bunged them in the washing machine on a 90oC wash with some lovely smelling washing liquid and conditioner, and now they look like this!
I'd say they shrunk by about 40-50%, seems to depend on the type of wool.
The bluey coloured one was a wrapover style and had two long knitted straps so I cut these off to test if the stitching would come undone.  It didn't, hoorah!  The straps were the perfect size to experiment with my first felted corsage.
Have to say I really like working with felted wool.  Due to it's denser nature it lends itself really well to flower making.  I want to try something else with it now, maybe some applique, not sure yet.
 Here it is on my Dennis Basso wool scarf, rather fetching don't you think.
From the side you can see the thickness of the felted wool and how it ruffles so nicely.
Ooh  I've just noticed I've passed the 100 followers mark!  Always amazes me that you lovely people take the time to pop by so look out for some sewing based freebies over the next few days :o) xx


  1. you clever thing! I have worked with felted wool before and it is heavenly. I used it to make hot water bottle covers but your corsage is much prettier. What will you do with the lovely pink cardi? Lucyxx

  2. You are so clever!

    Have good evening hun
    Well done on the followers, I love reading your blog, so its no surprise you got so many followers

  3. They look really good! Love the one on the scarf! Well done on the hundred followers!!!

  4. Congrats for getting to your 100!
    Love the bluse flower, that is beautiful!


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