Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I've enjoyed using the calorie tracker over at About Calorie, it's also helping me to eat healthier as it rates your days food intake by letters.  A being great and C being bad, bit like the energy rating system for appliances.  Hmmm now what appliance would I be :o)

So with this new dieting aid added to my arsenal did it have any effect?  Well the straight answer is YES!  I dropped a whole two pounds this week, woohoo, am on a roll! 


  1. That's fantastic!! You are doing really well!!!

  2. Thats awesome, as a crafter who is also trying to shed several pounds I know how hard it can be and how annoying when you've been good all week to find no difference on the scale. That A-C scale souds interesting, I may have to have a go at that

  3. Well done on the weight loss, glad this new tool is helping.

    Victoria x


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