Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Gosh I haven't been around much lately have I.  And I'm not exactly sure what has been taking all my time up!  Do you have weeks like that?

Well I have to say the recent sunny days and above freezing temperatures have been a welcome change from our never ending ice age!  Unfortunately they are now showing me just how much spring cleaning I need to do on my house LOL!  A job for my mum's steamer I think.

Am hoping this brighter weather is going to kick start my weight loss again, as yes you've guessed it, I didn't lose anything this week, but then again I didn't gain either so not too terrible I suppose.  Hope the other WLW members having been more successful than me.

So my plans for this week are:
  1. Get out in the garden, boy does it need attention
  2. Eat more fruit and salads
  3. Sort through my summer clothes, do I really need to hang on to a strappy top I have not worn in like 3 years!
  4. Go for more walks, I have the most beautiful park across the road that I really should make more use of.
What do you all have planned in this spring like weather?


  1. You are doing very well with WLW!! It seems to have gone a bit quiet - but you are very determined!! Well done!!

  2. I love spring and spring cleaning getting everything back out and gardening and working in the dirt.Our bodies don't want to give up the weight during the winter so now that it is warming up I think you'll see the weight start to come off. Keep up the positive attitude

  3. yes, I feel like every week is that way!

  4. I’ve decided at the weekend to have my Winter coat dry-cleaned and replaced with my Spring lighter weight one!

    Victoria x

  5. Another great thing about Spring and Summer dressing is that it is less bulky looking! It makes me feel lighter!

  6. I'm going on holiday next week! Feel lardy and white!!! Yay!!!


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