Tuesday, 1 June 2010

French General - Home Sewn

A little mini book review for you all, Home Sewn by Kaari Meng.  I love looking at the French General website with all it's rural fabrics, papers, curiosities and more and when I spied their book the other day for £9 I couldn't resist.
One of the things that swayed me was the fact that you get full size patterns stored in this handy little pocket at the front of the book, which is sprial bound by the way so that it lays perfectly flat when crafting from it.  The book is beautifully made with heavyweight paper, the photos and text are all matt finish which I love.

  There is of course the obligatory bunting that makes an appearance in most sewing books these days.
Photography is very traditional which I kinda like, adds a certain richness, like it's been in your family for ages.

Along with written instructions and the patterns themselves they also provide handdrawn sketches showing you how to put it all together if you are unsure, although to be honest the patterns in here are all mostly basic.

So fresh, crisp white and blue linens, very french.

Wish I were sat at that table right now scoffing all that yummy food, washed down with the red stuff of course!
Now I've never seen these before, breadwarming bags. They have flaxseed in a pouch at the bottom and you preheat the bag in the microwave then just pop your bread in the bag and it keeps it nice and warm.  Definitely going to have to make one of these and bake some homemade bread to test it out on.

This is a very basic sewing book, the projects are not challenging or new by any means but it is a beautiful high quality book.  No flimsy paperback covers here.  I probably wouldn't have paid full price for it but for £9 it was definitely worth it to me and will look great on the coffee table.

Do you have this book?  Have you made anything from it yet?  Do leave me a comment I'd love to hear your thoughts. xx


  1. It does look amazing!!! If I sewed I would buy it!! The bunting looks lovely!!!

  2. Looks fab, I can hand sew but really must master the sewing machine :-)


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