Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cuteness on a dreary day

The weather was dull, dull, dull here today and needed cheering up.  And what better way than looking at cute little furry things.
Photo courtesy of mvo168
Photo courtesy of mvo168
Photo courtesy of 53438402@N08
They say we might have some sunshine tomorrow, oh I do hope so!  Lolo xx


  1. ahhh so soft and fluffy, such beautiful pictures
    i cant wait for the days to brighten up and for it to start to become warmer, but you know your pics have given me a lovely warm fuzziness inside thankyou x

  2. I used to have a house rabbit called Pete, before I got Eric and Ernie, my cats. Pete was the cutest bunny. He would steal grapes and hide behind chairs to eat them. One Christmas I left a tin of chocolate biscuits open and he ran off with a chocolate finger. He was a dwarf rabbit so really tiny, but still managed to drag that biscuit across the carpet. He had a little cat bed in the corner of the room and was litter trained. I recommend house rabbits to friends all the time but people don't seem to believe me when I tell them how easy rabbits are to house train, and also how intelligent they are. Rabbits in hutches sit doing nothing because there's nothing for them to do, not because they aren't smart! Anyhoo, wow, this is a long post, just got all excited about fluffy bunnies... Now I'm calm. Em x :)


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