Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Room Outdoors

I'm about to embark on having my whole garden landscaped as currently my only piece of patio is a weathered old piece of plywood that is about to crumble beneath my feet.  Of course this has meant a frenzy of surfing through sites for inspiration and a wish list as long as my garden!
There's a sunny spot at the end of my garden, as I am east facing it stays there until around 7pm in the height of summer.  Just perfect for one of these.
I love this garden, it conjures up images of happy families together, kids fighting over who gets the hammock!  Sadly I have no trees in my garden to hook one up to, never mind.
Bed in a Garden
I could always have a bed out there instead lol!
Potting Away
There's going to be space for my vegetables to grow at the back in proper raised beds, presently I have pop up planters all over the gaff, practical but not pretty.
Garden Party
Hope we have a long enough summer so I get to do this when it's all done.
Pale Pink
I want plenty of flowers out there too.  Something I've been missing since moving here.  The colours will be pale and delicate just like the ones above.

Cool Poster
Says it all!

Thinks that enough piccies for a while, don't want to bore you all silly with my wish list.  Of course I will be posting the real thing when it gets going, hoping that will be sometime in mid May.  In the meantime I shall keep filling up my hardrive with images, much quicker and cheaper, than the old days of  getting magazines and tearing out bits of paper.  Although I have to say I do miss the feel of a piece of paper covered in tatty old photos stuck down with pritt stick.  

Thanks for popping by. xx


  1. I need to put the laptop away and get ready for an afternoon in my parents garden! She tells me she has an egg hunt planned and a mini cricket set for my nephew to play with!!!

    Happy Easter,

    Victoria xx

  2. Oooh, I can't wait to see your finished gardel, lovely Lolo! My friend has got a little 'craft den' in her garden and I am so jealous. I wouldn't want to do any Winter crafting in there though! Bbbrrrr! Happy Easter. xxx

  3. I love that print! And a bed in the garden...what bliss would that be. We've just put up a Summer house and I'm planning to put and old futon mattress in there for lazy afternoon naps! I look forwards to seeing your finished garden :) x

  4. Hello again! Thanks for your comment. I wouldn't use F&B on it's own if it was being left out, I'd put a coat of clear yacht varnish over the top. I've not bothered with these though because they're stored in the garage x


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