Monday, 9 May 2011

Cath Kidston Fabric

Hello readers, hope you are all doing well and having lots of sunshine where you are.  We've had sun and blustery winds today which is my favourite weather combination.  At the weekend my mum and I took a trip over to the Cath Kidston Factory Outlet in St Neots for a little retail therapy and boy was it busy.  I didn't realise that they had 25% off of their clothing and accessories, wowza.  We searched through the rails and found a couple of frocks to try on, one I really liked but it needed to be a size smaller.  After much deliberation and working out if I could alter it I was very good and placed it gently back on the rail with all the other frocks.  It wasn't to be this time around.

I then turned my attention to the back of the store as this is where they keep all their fabrics on rolls and from a distance I could see that there was a new kid on the block.  When I got up to it I knew straight away I would have to buy some, it was the most gorgeous colours and print.
I've no idea what the name of this print is but I am in lurrve!  It retails at £23 per metre and in the outlet it was £15 per metre and I purchased two.  Looking at it here in my home I am wishing I had more, hmmm shall I/shan't I go back?
Here it is in close up, although it is a vivid pattern it has an almost slightly faded old look to it if you know what I mean.  Am thinking top to go with cut off jeans, maybe a cushion cover or two.
Did you spot (excuse the pun!) the stone spot fabric peaking out in the first picture?  I hadn't this in there since they first opened, this is a very popular print.  Apparently they have one customer who collects all things stone spot and they call her whenever they get anything in the store.  Now that is customer service.  I purchased one metre at £12 and it is destined for my freecycled deck chair which currently is the most hideous yellow you have ever seen.  I kid you not, it is verging on flourescent!
Oh and this little beauty fell into my basket too, little cherry red dot oil cloth tape measure.  Now I won't mind pulling a tape measure out of my handbag in public.

Thank you for popping by and do love to read all of your comments. xx


  1. I love that blue paisley too, and of course I love polkadots!! I really will have to get over there soon.
    What a cute tape measure too : )

    Sharon xx

  2. The blue paisley is very rare! It's called Rose Paisley and I LOVE it. I posted about it recently too. xx

  3. Fabulous CK fabric!!!! You're right the colours are great!

    Victoria xxx

  4. Lovely fabric, I have a little of the same paisley but in the pink and the green, the blue is lovely, and as mentioned is very hard to get hold of, came out quite some years ago I think, didn't know you could still get hold of it via CK though, lucky you :0) I bought the little tape measure a while ago too, but have to say it broke quite soon after using it....;0) Looks pretty though :0) Thanks for a lovely post x

  5. You certainly sniff out a bargain Karen
    you are Queen shopper!
    Id buy material but cant sew for toffee lol


  6. Gorgeous and a bargain too! I love the stone spot! I'm going to try to talk James into the floor tiles for the bathroom when we next decorate!
    I have been really bad at keeping up with my commenting! I have dedicated the weekend to catching up! Now Sophie is sleeping so well I have a bit of free time in the evening!!! Yay!!!

  7. I'm a huge fan of Cath Kidston too but I didn't know about the outlet so thanks for sharing. I regularly blog about my favourite Cath Kidston things. I too love the spot print the next thing on my wish list is the Folded Spot Wallet.


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