Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Garden Makeover - Part One

It's started!  The garden is slowly being turned from ugly jungle to a thing of beauty and I wanted to share the progress with you all.  This has been a long time coming and am so excited but a little nervous as well.  It's a big change and I can be a tad indecisive at times!
So, this was my view from the kitchen/diner at the weekend.  Isn't it lovely, not!  You can't really see it but the end of the garden is covered in old carpet and plastic ground sheets which was my attempt to stop the weeds but the little blighters always seemed to find their way through, particularly the darn nettles.
Couldn't resist popping home lunchtime.  The grotty concrete path and posts have gone as have all the weeds and nettles.  It's already looking heaps better and bigger.
And by the evening it was looking like this.  Such a difference.  My cats were in heaven and wasted no time in rolling around in the dry earth and charging all over the place.  They had been hidden away all day as they are not too keen on strangers especially those who come with noisy machinery.  Little do they know their mud bath won't be there for long.
Look there's a tiger in my garden!! Morgan is the laid back one but here he looks positively dangerous! He could also do with a trip to the dentist. This picture reminds of shots you get on wildlife programmes where the Tigers are basking in the sun after devouring half of a bison they have just chased and caught. 
Aaah that's better.  Back to being a cute little kitty again, phew!

In the warm evening air I just kept standing outside and staring, a gentle breeze blowing, I found it very relaxing and tranquil.  I also had to make a decision on where to plant my little apple tree.  However after lots of umming and aahing I've decided not to until next spring.  It can live on the patio until then.

I'll be back with Part Two soon.

Lolo xx


  1. Oh - the difference is amazing! It so reminds me of the garden my english grandmother once had. First it looked like yours on the before-picture, but then they did a complete turn-over and it was a really pretty place then. I´m looking forward to see what your garden will look like when all is done. Greetings from Germany! xxx Melanie aka Blossom

  2. Wow! I'm really looking forward to seeing the big reveal!! Em xx


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