Saturday, 29 October 2011

Glittery Pumpkins

Courtesy of Twig and Thistle
Halloween is not big down my street on account of there not being that many families.  Consequently I don't dress the front of my house with the tradtional scary orange pumpkins.  But these, oh these would look so glam inside and could stay around for quite a while couldn't they?  Aren't they just gorgeous. 

Courtesy of Twig and Thistle
A mummy and a baby too cute!  That's it, I've made my mind up, it's silly o'clock in the morning and am heading off to the supermarket to get some pumpkins.  I have a craftroom full of glitter that I just get out and look at mostly so it's time it got put to good use.  Oh please let them have some nice ones there for me.

Courtesy of Maine Home
White ones are gorgeous too, seen a lot of these around blogland lately and I can see why, timeless.

Great idea as a door number outside in your front yard.  You could just stick plain old drawing pins in them, super cheap.  I don't know where this picture came from so apologies for not being able to put up a credit for it.

Wish me luck at the shops.  Promise to post some pictures of my attempts at any of the above, could be interesting to say the least!

Lolo xx


  1. I love pumpkins too. I have one sat on my window ledge surrounded by pine cones. I've tied a raw silk bow round the pumpkin and dangled some crystal droplets off it. It's so over the top, I think my neighbours are worried about me! I don't care, I just love pumpkins! I'm really lookign forward to seeing what you make! Em x

  2. I love the glittery pumpkins!

    Victoria xx


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