Friday, 2 December 2011

Favourite Thing on a Friday


Yep, it's December and that means I can have my first mince pie, yippee!  The scoffing of my first mince pies will be taking place tomorrow at our towns christmas carol concert where there will be plenty of these babies and mulled wine too! I'm really looking forward to it, we've got primary school choirs singing some of my favourite christmas carols, an opera soloist and our local folk group.  It's a real community event organised by the Mayor's office which is liitle ol me!  There will be nervous butterflies in my tummy tomorrow afternoon as it's my first one and I so want it to go well.
Oh yes indeedy, just looking at this picture is making me salivate.  Best way I like mine is warm from the oven with brandy cream draped over the top that slowly melts with the heat.  Or sometimes I like brandy butter, or even brandy sauce, pretty much anything really so long as its got brandy in it!  I can feel my waistline growing already.
Then there's the mulled wine, which shockingly I have never ever tried before.  I know, what is that all about!  Not to worry this will be properly rectified tomorrow evening as I am definitely going to try me a glass, or two, or even three.  Well it is Christmas.
So that's my favourite thing this Friday, pop on over to Mimi's blog and see all the other lovely bloggers who have joined in this week.

Christmas wishes to you all.
Lolo xx


  1. I love Christmas, but I'm not big on mince pies. I don't know why, but I think it's cos anything with currants or raisins in reminds me of my 5 a day and I feel I'm not being bad anough! I love fondant fancies at Christmas. My aunt used to have a big plate of them on the table for her annual Christmas buffet, and all the cousins used to see who could snaffle a pink one! Em x

  2. Our favourite things are very similar this week! Mmm, fancy a mince pie right now after looking at that lovely picture! x

  3. I don't like Xmas but I do love a mince pie as long as it's veggie friendly. I had my first today! x

  4. Everyone is certainly getting into the Christmas spirit!

    Victoria xxx


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