Friday, 17 February 2012

Comment Moderation Frustration

Morning all!

I've been doing my usual round of catching up on my fave blogs this morning, I love reading what everyone has been up to, or made and always like to leave a comment or two.  But today I am feeling a little bit frustrated.  The thing that is causing this frustration, moderation.  You know the one where you type in your comment, press publish and then are faced with entering some random character combination into a box before it can be submitted.  It's been around for a long while I know, but lately it seems the characters are getting harder to decipher and sometimes after a few failed attempts I admit that I do give up and hit the cancel button which leaves me feeling more frustrated.

Even more frustrating is when I do actually manage to read the jumble of letters to then be told that my comment still won't be published until the blog owner has approved it.  Is it just me who thinks it should be one or the other?  Stopping unwanted spam automatically appearing on blogger can be managed by both methods, so using one method would be sufficient?

I have been a victim of blog spam in the past and I fully understand the need to moderate comments.  The way I like to do this is by using the blog owner approval option in blogger.  This means that my readers can happily type up their comments and without the need to decipher some sort of code.  It means a lot to me that you all take the time to leave a comment and I want to make the experience as seam free possible for you all.

Well that's my rant over for today, it's not something I do often but it just got me today.  Am I in the minority here?  Anyone else out there struggling with jumbled characters or does it not really bother you.  Maybe it's just me, maybe I need my eyes testing, but I do love it when I can just type my comment and hit publish.  I will of course keep leaving comments on all my favourite blogs, jumbled characters or not, I love you all!

Lolo xx


  1. hiya and yep it totally frustrates me too as sometmes the same as you i cant for the life of me read the wanna try having it read out to you as some places offer this option and no way can i understand the distorted voice lol!!! darth vador springs to mind..without the heavy breathing lol!!! hugs sassy x

  2. I hate the new word verification!!! It's horrible. I'm going to probably change my set up x

  3. It drives me barmy too so I took mine off ages ago, I hate having to type and then type again and again and again :-)

  4. I have noticed this week that it's now 2 words and def is a pain!

    I have thought about comment moderation but liked the fact that if I can't access blogger etc comments are there and I know it's how many people like to jump between blogs but then if people aren't commenting because of moderation it's a little pointless!!

    Victoria xxx

  5. I'm going to take it off my comments're right it is annoying!

    I'm going to be staying in a village not far from Ipswich....we pass through St Neots on the way.....can't wait!xx

  6. Just 'popped in' for a first visit blog-hopping. I have had terrible difficulty in trying to read those jumbled letters too and wondered if they'd raised their ugly head on my comments box as well, so I signed out of dashboard and tried to leave a comment on my own blog and horror there they were! I've taken them off now and just left approval on. Maybe folk don't realise that Blogger has added them to their own blogs? I wish they'd stop messing about with it :o(
    Anyway, just off to have a further look around on lolo designs :o)


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