Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ikea Bedding

My love affair with grey continues into the bedroom inspired by a recent trip to Ikea.  I fell in love with this set and had to purchase it.  It shouldn't really be on the bed yet as I need to decorate, but I'm always too impatient.

Generally I tend to go for plain white bedding but this pattern just attracted me straight away.  Yes it's an all over pattern but it is also subtle.  The large rose flowers on the pillows were from a Primark sale last year, they were a £1 and wish I had got more of them, they co-ordinate perfectly as do Primark's grey pillow cases.

This shot shows the colour better and also shows the crinkle blanket from Ikea which fell in the trolley with the quilt set.  I've been wanting one of these for ages and on many a trip it has gone in my trolley then out again, my sister will vouch for that as it drove her mad at my indecision.  This time though it made it to the car.  It has also inspired me to have a go at making my own in other materials as all it is is shirring elastic sewn in stripes about 2 inches apart.
After all that faffing around in the bedroom my belly was in need of some fodder so I tucked in to the loaf of bread I made earlier.  It actually came out alright.  I'm going to try soda bread next after watching the Fabulous Baker Brothers make it the other week, no rising you see, brilliant.

Lolo xx


  1. really love ikea bedding - that is great, i've seen that instore x

  2. Lovely bedding, I've admired that myself in there, and have done the same pick up put down with the throw, it is very pretty!!!! Primark pillow cases and sheets are great value and they do some great colours too!

  3. I've got that bedding and it's my favourite, so much so at I am going to buy another set while they still have it.

    Hugs Jill xx

  4. Goodness, what great bedding :o)
    I'm in awe of your loaf - fabulous!
    Rose H


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