Sunday, 19 February 2012

A new way to label my Ikea Jars

As part of my kitchen re decoration I've been slowly stocking up on SLOM jars from Ikea for all my baking ingredients and dry goods as I now have two tall shelf units to display them on.  Currently I use my home made chalk labels to show what is stored in them .  If you would like to read my post on how I made these just click here.

One of my main reasons for using these chalkboard labels was so I could add the use by date of the contents onto the reverse of the label coz once decanted I would have no idea.  Now I do still like this idea but find that the labels look rather big and cumbersome, especially on the smaller of the jars.  However I need space for my ugly handwriting so can't really go much smaller!  Well now I think I have found a wonderful alternative.........these.

They look so cool don't they!  I love that they are in the style of dictionary entries, very professional looking.  I hopped straight over to The Painted Hive to investigate further, she uses Decal Transfer Paper which I've never heard of before but am in love with already.  A quick look on ebay shows it at around £1 per A4 sheet which is less than I thought it would be.  I would still keep my chalkboard tag for the date but it could be much smaller now which is better and could also have a pretty design on the front instead of a label.  I should invest in a good quality chalk pen as old fashioned school chalk is not the easiest thing to use for small writing.

Have any of my lovely readers used this Decal stuff before?  Is it as easy as it looks?  Any hints or tips would be much appreciate.

Hugs, Lolo xx


  1. Loving those labels, they look great.

    Hugs Jill xx

  2. Oh I love those storage jars with the decals. I had a play around with some on glass years ago and it worked quite well.

    Victoria xxx

  3. oh my word these are just the best...and they look so designerish lol!!! superb and expensive,, and many thanks for the tips on my piccis hun it really helped and in this time ive never noticed that there **BIG** un's to view love sassyxx

  4. OOOOO! They look lush. Off to search ebay for the paper. Thanks for the tip.

    Madison xxx

  5. I've never used the paper myself, but I think I might be soon! What a fabulous let us know how you get on :) thanks for sharing x


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