Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tim Holtz and American Craft Day QVC

It's gone midnight and I really should be tucked up in my bed, instead I am sat on my sofa watching Tim Holtz on QVC.  To some people I might be seen as slightly barmy, and who can blame them, but the crafters out there will understand my madness.

So far a couple of items have gone into my basket, I had good reason they are on special pricing for today so would be rude not to.

Missed out on this set a while ago so was glad to see it back on a craft day price of £13.32, designed by Anna Griffin.
Another Anna Griffin set less than half price at £10.42.  I'm looking forward to using some of the smaller scrolls stamped onto american seam binding ribbon
There's Tilda!  Oh how I adore anything Tilda.  Own most of the books and frequently flick through them drooling over the gorgeous images.  Am seriously tempted by this kit, it is £30 so not cheap, might check around first.

I also noticed a promo for a new cake crafting section being aired later today, will have to sky+ this, got to work which is a bummer.  Wish they would have their craft days on a weekend.  Then again maybe that is not such a good idea for my bank balance!

So there you have it, I am outed as a midnight shopping channel watcher!  Anyone else burning the midnight oil this way tonight?

Hugs, Lolo xx

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  1. loving the new look :) I am secretly addicted to midnight shopping chanels, although admittedly I'll watch adverts for ANYTHING! Sadly I'm banned from actually spending any money on anything though :P my dad was a qvc addict when I was younger and I think the condition is hereditary ;) xxx


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