Friday, 23 March 2012

Cake Decorating - Issue 1

It's pink, there's gingham and spots and it's all about decorating cakes, what's not to want, oh and it's only 99p!

So would you like a peek inside.  This is such good value I'm not surprised it has been flying off the shelves, I got the last two at my newsagent, one is a pressie for my sister.  Last of the big spenders lol!

Cutest butterfly cutters that are metal, some glitter and pretty cake stand

Yummy butterfly cookies made with cutters, the instructions are written well too.

Or how about a victoria sponge, one of my personal faves.

Dinky butterfly toppers using the small cutter

Look at all the yumminess to come!

Ordinarily I wouldn't be suckered into taking the subscription route, however I might just bend that rule slightly for this mag.  You actually get some pretty useful gifts with your first 7 issues, am particularly liking the pink cake tool storage box and the cake caddy. Oh and the alphabet embossers, yep decision made, am off to their website to subscribe. 

Till next time....

Lolo xx


  1. I have admired this collection, but, Im a rubbish 'cooker'
    Maybe I should take the plunge
    As you say what's not to like!


  2. I almost bought the new issue today... Keep posting the best issues xx

  3. I've been tempted with this myself I must say!

    Victoria xxx


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