Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rain Bonnets

They have been worn by royalty and in particular our lovely Queen Elizabeth, the Diamond Queen.  Some of my fondest memories of my nans and her friends are of them wearing these plastic bonnets over their wash and sets. So you might be forgiven for thinking these rain bonnets are, lets say, not for those under 70.
Great retro packaging
But umbrellas aren't always practical and if my bag is small the umbrella gets ditched.  So on said umbrellaless days if I get caught in a rain shower I end up grumbling to myself and desperately trying to pull my woolly snood over my head or worse still my whole coat.  This never really works and ends up with me looking more like 'kenny' in Southpark and getting strange looks from passers by.  And the scarf just ends up getting wet so pretty pointless.

Now if I had a rain bonnet in my handbag I could avoid said kenny syndrome, be hands free and keep my hair from turning into a frizzy mess.  I've found a few companies that are making slightly more fashionable versions which look pretty stylish I think. 
These come in cute little tins to keep in your bag

Now she doesn't look too bad in hers does she?

Oh dear this is a look everyone should avoid!  She should have had a rain bonnet in her purse.

Hmmm, but can I stop myself from looking like this with one on.

What do you think ladies, would you be brave enough to wear one or do you already strut your stuff in one when it gets wet out there?  Well I've taken a gamble and ordered a couple of non designer white dotty ones to see how I get on, it's only a £1 so what the heck.  They should be here in a few days, if I am feeling brave I might even post a photo or two, with my dark glasses on mind.

Till next time.

Lolo xx


  1. Lol, can't wait to see the photo's. I remember my nan having these, I think I might go for one, I really hate brollies, I have very curly hair and there have been occaisions where I have spent two hours drying it strait only to go out and get caught in a shower, frizzball !!

    thanks for posting

    Jill x

  2. My Mom bought one of those from Asda a few weeks ago to keep 'in case' she got caught out in the rain. Personally I go with the wet look, but wouldn't have a problem seeing anyone out there wearing one - go for it gal!

  3. My nan had them too. Clear with white spots on. It is quite sad isn't it that we all get there! I bought some 'comfy shoes' recently just because they were comfortable, not anything to do with the way they looked. Oh dear! Oh, AND I use a wheeled shopping trolley now too. I'd say go for it! I think we worry too much about what other people think. Poo to them! Be practical and comfy, that's what I say. I might have a look for one myself. I just can't help thinking that it might be a bit sweaty and my hair would end up frizzy anyway? Can't wait to see you in it. xxx

  4. That actually made me LOL,the one with the carrier bag?!!!!
    Need to see your pics before I'm anywhere near convinced!!! :o) x

  5. Hi Lol , I am a 55 year old man and I have worn one for over two years. I have tried all types of head wear , and none of them have been all that good. I wear one that is clear with black trim , has a visor and fits over my coat collar to prevent rain water going down my neck. It is the only complete protection when out in the rain. So far , I have not had any negative responses from anyone. I bought mine from Amazon and they are called Dream Rain Bonnet.


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