Saturday, 25 August 2012

A little bit of twine

Twine.  That old fashioned brown string you find in garden centres.  I've had a love affair with it for some years now.  For a while it was just practical stuff and then it crept into my crafting and home decor and now if I run out of it I slightly panic and have to rush out and get me some more.
It's cheap, so you can slap it just about anywhere and not break the bank which is great in these hard times. Around some tins that have been painted and punched for tea lights.
One orange terracota pot now a soft shade of blue and suitably twined!  Minutes and pennies to do.
Charity shop find they had no lids but the openings were large enough to get your hand in so perfect for candles.  Some play sand, muslin and yep, twine.
It's a hard life!  Completely zonked.  If you're not careful Alfie you may get twined, lol!!

Thanks for popping by.

Lolo xx

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  1. wow love the tea lights....bril find and a very clever your cat he looks like mine...hugs sassyxx


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