Saturday, 1 September 2012

Simple Sepia Photographs

Photographs, I love them, take them all the time, on my camera on my phone.  But only recently did I discover the sepia setting on my camera.  I've changed normal photos into sepia with Photo Shop but in all the years I have had my camera I never realised I could take them in sepia there an then.  I get there in the end lol!

 Some clouds and a fast growing Eucalyptus tree makes for an eery photo.

 Peeking through Jasmine.  A bit romantic.
My new little reading corner and freshly made over bench with Annie Sloan paint.  Need to cover the cushions obviously but that will be another project.
Just love how my pink flowery PJ bottoms take on the look of granny's vintage bloomers!!

Yes I am liking this style a lot and can see this being used to create photos for frames on my walls, I've never been one for colour photography.  In fact my niece will say I've never been one for colour full stop!

Have you recently discovered any settings on your camera that have lay hidden for years?  Would love to hear about them.

Thanks for popping by.  Lolo xx


  1. hiya hunnie...fab pics i love sepia...i really do give me buch of old photos ill be lookin for ages...and love the washing lol!!!! love the shabby chic look too..big knickers...but you wanna see mine...hehehe i hung mine out the other day and a big black cloud was looming overhead...oh knickers had blocked the sunlight ....!!! glad to hear from you sassyxx

  2. Lovely pictures, Sepia tones make everything look so calm and pretty! I love your background, We are decorating our bedroom grey and I'd love a duvet cover in this pattern!!!


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