Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee - well done Ann!

Sew it's all over in a flash!  I for one loved it and I want more and it sounds like they are producing a 2nd series, phew!
IMAGE:  Great British Sewing Bee Book

I loved the final three ladies and was especially pleased for Ann, her  work was without doubt perfection.  But I did have a soft spot for Lauren and just wanted to hug her everytime she shed a tear bless her.  Don't know where her new haberdashery shop is but wish it was near my town.

Sewing has been a big part of my family for donkeys years with my mum knocking up home decor items right through to an exquisite copy of a Beyonce dress for my niece's prom.  I love most crafts but there is something about sewing that is extra special, you can run up something new to wear in a matter hours or change the look of a cushion in no time.  Magic I tell yee!

Happy sewing everyone!

Best Wishes, Lolo

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  1. I was very pleased that Ann won too, and hope there is another series. I have also been amazed to learn that even my big butch husband has enjoyed the series!
    Rose H


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