Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A few pretty things and my first bag attempt

I have just received my first purchase from an Etsty shop Inspiration Cottage of Silver German Glass Glitter! Wow it is soo pretty I can't stop taking photos of it as you can see.
This photo has a lovely set of glass bottles that I found in my local charity store the other day for the grand cost of £1.99, bargain, made me smile for the rest of the day! And guess what I could store in them............ yep glitter.

My beautfil glitter on my mantlepiece, I know, I am sad but can't help it.
Oh and here it is on my dish of roses!
This is my first attempt at making a lined bag, I used up some old calico curtains I had laying around that were originally from Ikea so figured it wouldn't have cost me much if I messed it up. The bag rings came off an old bag of mine that was destined to be thrown out. I do like recycling things it feels so much better than buying from new all the time, much more satisfying. The rose was made up out of an old jean leg and was really a bit too thick as it was difficult to mold and stitch, will use lighter weight fabric for others but really enjoyed making it.

Am now on a mission to find some more glass glitter in an array of vintage colours to fill up my pretty jars.


  1. Love your bag and your bargin finds.

  2. Ooooh glitter , i love glitter !!
    I may have to go on a glitter hunt myself ;0)

    Sara x


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